Healthy lifestyle for children

The formation of a healthy lifestyle in children is the paramount task of parents who want their children to develop fully, grow strong, strong, and get sick as rarely as possible. Mom and dad should literally from birth introduce their child to the basics of proper nutrition and tempering , adjust the way of life of crumbs to a certain regime of the day, and a little later to talk with the child about the dangers of smoking, alcohol and drugs. In addition, parents must necessarily demonstrate a healthy lifestyle for their children by their own example, because, first of all, the kids repeat the behavior and actions of their family members.

In this article, we will tell you how to lead a healthy lifestyle for preschool and school-age children, so that their immunity is always at the highest level.

Rules for a healthy lifestyle for children

The following simple recommendations will allow your children to maintain good health and to meet with colds as rarely as possible:

  1. In any weather with the child it is necessary to walk on the street. In this case, it is not necessary to wrap up the baby too much, it is enough to ensure that the child's legs always remain dry, and the piercing wind does not penetrate under the outer clothing. If possible, choose places for walks with lots of greenery, gassed streets, on the contrary, it is better to avoid.
  2. For full development and good health of preschoolers, a very important day's sleep is important. For the youngest, it is preferable to organize a sleep in the open air - in a stroller or an arena.
  3. In the child's room you need to regularly make a wet cleaning. In the nursery there should be no objects that collect dust on themselves - books, carpets with long nap, soft toys. In the room where the baby sleeps, it is necessary to maintain an air temperature of about 18-20 degrees Celsius. In addition, in the crumbs room you can arrange live flowers in pots - they help clean the air in the apartment from harmful gases.
  4. Also one of the important aspects of a healthy lifestyle is the high motor activity of the child. With a toddler older than a year you should always walk without using a stroller, so that the crumb could run and play independently. Children of school age are better to write in sports sections, so that boys and girls from the very childhood were carried away by something.
  5. Proper nutrition is necessary for a child of any age. From the very birth of the baby, the mother should strive to continue breastfeeding for as long as possible, because mother's milk is the only product that completely provides crumbs with the necessary supply of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. In the future, the child must provide full five or four meals a day, while the daily diet of the baby must necessarily include meat dishes, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as cereals.
  6. Finally, to maintain immunity, the child's body must necessarily be tempered. The most common methods of hardening for children - a contrast shower, dousing and wiping. Begin such procedures with fairly warm water - its temperature should be about 34-35 degrees. Subsequently, the temperature of the water should be gradually reduced, eventually, bringing to 22 degrees Celsius.

In most kindergartens and schools, a regular conversation is held about a healthy lifestyle for children. Nevertheless, do not rely on the work of teachers and educators, because the care for a healthy lifestyle of the child, in the first place, falls on the shoulders of the parents. It is mother and father who are the main example for crumbs, and they should maintain daily the correct regime of the day, nutrition and physical activity, if they take care of the health of their baby.