Attractions in Pattaya

Pattaya is a popular resort in Thailand, located on the shore of the Gulf of Thailand. Holidaymakers from all over the world in this beautiful corner of the Earth attracts an unusually beautiful nature and warm climate. In dry periods: from December to February and from June to August - precipitation is rare, which makes this time the most optimal for beach holiday tourists.

Attractions in Pattaya are more connected with the numerous sacred places and unique nature of the area, in addition, the local population offers a variety of entertainment with local flavor, so the problem that to see in Pattaya, the guests of Thailand does not arise.

Farms of exotic animals

In the vicinity of Pattaya there are crocodile, elephant and tiger farms. Owners to attract tourists arrange fascinating performances involving animals. Also in the suburbs of Pattaya, there are a dolphinarium and an oceanarium, the visit of which will cause positive emotions in both children and adults. And after visiting the oyster farm, you can taste oysters of different types.

Siam Park

On the territory of the Siam Park entertainment complex in Pattaya is an amusement park and water park. The complex is great for a family holiday: there are three children's areas and an extreme zone. In a mini park, dinosaurs from latex shake their heads and growl, which will surely impress your children. In the water park is the highest high-speed water slide in Asia. In Siam Park you can have a delicious lunch at the cafe for free (lunch is included in the ticket price).

Park of millions of stones

The huge blocks of the park of million-year-old stones in Pattaya are actually fossilized remnants of relic trees. Collected in the park, fancy figures wake up fantasy and perfectly fit into the park landscape with waterfalls, sculptures, exotic flowers and shrubs. In artificial ponds, bright fish splash, in the zoo one can ride elephants, see rare animals: Bengal tigers, cassowaries and others.

The Temple of Truth

The Temple of Truth in Pattaya is an architectural structure erected without a single nail of rare species of wood - teak and mahogany. The temple, erected in 1981, is still being completed. The fact is that his founder received a revelation that he would perish on the day the building was completed. All the details of the temple are especially filigree: fine carvings adorn stairs, curved arches, sculptures of Buddha and sacred animals.

Temple of the Great Buddha

The Buddha Temple in Pattaya towers over the city like a huge golden lighthouse. To the majestic statue of the seated Buddha leads a multistage staircase with rails in the form of naga - cobras. Near the main 20-meter statue there are 7 smaller sculptures of the Buddha (on the number of days of the week).

Temple of Hell and Paradise

In Thailand, there is a popular belief: the one who is persecuted by failures is to visit the Temple of Hell and Paradise in Pattaya and donate money, in the sum of the last figures of the year of birth and the number of years lived. Before you go to the Garden of Eden, you need to visit the Garden of Hell. Sculptures in it demonstrate severe penalties for sins, which makes one think about the meaning of life and the impermanence of earthly existence. The statues in the Garden of Eden radiate peace and warmth.

Street Volkin Street

Lovers of nightlife can find a lot of entertainment on the street Volkin Street in Pattaya. After 6 pm, traffic is blocked, and a huge number of tourists fill numerous night bars, cafes, clubs, discos. Many entertainment facilities work all night until the morning, while food and drink prices are low, and service at the highest level. The street of Red Lanterns in Pattaya (also called Volkin Street) is desirable to visit the company of a person who is well acquainted with the nightlife of the city.

In the shopping centers of Pattaya, you can buy souvenirs, local craftsmen's products, jewelry and much more that you can bring from Thailand in memory of the rest. in memory of the rest. The only thing you need for a trip is a passport, and as for the visa - for a number of cases there is a visa-free regime.