Wall tiles

Wall tiles are one of the most traditional, practical and popular types of wall decoration. Typically, it is used for wall finishing in rooms such as kitchen and bathroom. Sometimes, depending on the characteristics of the style of decoration, tiles can be used for finishing living rooms (usually living rooms) or hallways. In addition, wall tiles are used for exterior walls of buildings. But even with such a wide range of applications, one should take into account the fact that for different rooms (not to mention outdoor works) one should choose a tile with different operating parameters.

Features of the selection of wall tiles

So, let's start what's called from the threshold - from the hallway. Here, as a rule, wall tiles are used fragmentarily for finishing the most polluted areas - projecting corners, places around entrance doors, switches. For these purposes, wall tiles are best suited for stone, the surface of which can simulate different rock types in different colors and textures. In the same version (fragmentary decoration), the tile under the stone is often used in the decoration of the walls of the prikamnoy zone in large living rooms, designed, for example, in the style of a chalet .

The wall around the fireplace can also be effectively laid out with ceramic-granite wall tiles with a surface simulating brickwork. And, for example, white wall tiles from ceramic granite under brickwork, as well as possible, will suit for interior decoration in the style of Provence, for which bricklaying is one of the characteristic features.

Of course, we can not say the most traditional use of wall tiles - the design of kitchens and bathrooms. For kitchen wall tiles are used to finish the apron over the working area. But, since it is here that the tile will be exposed to various adverse effects and there is a need to wash it with the use of household chemicals, then when choosing a tile, you should pay attention to its resistance to these special conditions.

The same applies to the choice of wall tiles in the bathroom - it must have a high degree of resistance to high humidity conditions. The most traditional in this regard, the option of finishing the walls of the bathroom - ceramic tiles. Although it is quite acceptable to use plastic wall tiles, which has not less high performance characteristics and quite attractive appearance.

A few words about the wall tile for outdoor works. For such works there are certain classes of tiles, which, above all, are resistant to significant temperature changes.

Decorative wall tiles

Of course, the choice of wall tiles in no small measure affects its external decorativeness. Moreover, modern technology of tile production allows you to give it any color, apply any pattern and even create a textured surface. But in any case, you should focus, first of all, on the style and size of the room. For example, a light glossy wall tile due to its surface with a reflective effect will help visually increase the area of ​​a small bathroom.

A matte wall tile, on the contrary, will visually reduce a little too much area.

Also, wall tiles can serve as a unique decorative element. For example, a wall tile in the form of an old mosaic with the image of a still-life can be used as a kind of picture for decorating the kitchen.

Here in the kitchen (especially if it is decorated in a rustic style), the interior will perfectly fit the wall tiles under the tree.

Even for interior decoration of children's and bedrooms can be used wall tiles, but not ordinary ceramic, and cork - an excellent noise and heat insulator, environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic material.