When can I give a baby a banana?

Banana - a delicious and healthy fruit, loved by both children and adults, has long ceased to be perceived as exotic. It can be freely bought in stores at any time of year at a relatively low price. Due to the high content of sucrose, it is a high-calorie content, which is why it is often used by parents as a "snack" - when it is not possible to feed starving crumbs fully, for example, on a walk or on the road. Banana is considered an absolutely safe and hypoallergenic fruit, so with a clear conscience give the child from the very beginning of complementary feeding. But is everything really as rosy as we used to think?

Are the bananas useful for children?

This question can be answered unequivocally with a positive response, since they contain a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients:

In addition, bananas improve the mood and help to increase the concentration of attention, which is relevant both for one-year-old carpoys, who know the world, and for schoolchildren.

When can I give a baby a banana?

Some mothers, of course, guided only by the best intentions, try to feed the crumbs with a banana as early as possible, which is fundamentally wrong. Most pediatricians unanimously recommend with caution to introduce bananas to children under one year, as this fruit does not grow in our strip and, in addition, the bowel is not able to digest it to a certain age.

So how much can you give a banana to children? It is recommended to begin to give a banana not earlier than 8 months in the same way as other new products for the child: starting with half a teaspoon and gradually increasing the amount. You can bake a fresh banana with a fork, you can buy an industrial version of baby food - it depends on the personal beliefs of the mother and the taste preferences of the baby. Sometimes a banana is recommended to be subjected to a light heat treatment - a couple.

With caution should be given this fruit to children who are overweight, as well as those whose parents are prone to fatness - the banana contains a lot of sucrose. In any skin reactions and disorders of the stool, it is necessary to cancel and consult with the doctor - whether it is possible to give the baby a banana or it is worthwhile to wait with its introduction.

Allergy to bananas in children

Despite the fact that a banana is considered a relatively safe product, it is still able to sometimes cause allergic reaction. This may be due to the content of bananas in serotonin or the fact that bananas are chemically treated. The fact is that bananas, as a rule, are torn still completely green in order to unhinderedly transport them to different countries. And in order to give them a ripe and appetizing appearance, they are kept for some time in special chambers with gas. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know whether a particular batch of fruit has been processed.

If a child has an allergy to bananas, do not get upset. Most likely, the baby will "outgrow", its immune system will learn to cope successfully with aggressive substances.