What is a requiem and when is it ordered?

The death of a loved one is a great grief, but along with this, many problems lie on the shoulders of relatives, which must be quickly resolved. To a large extent, this applies to church burial rites.

What is a requiem and when is it ordered?

A funeral service is a church service performed on the deceased, and even on the days of his birth, an angel and a wake. After the soul leaves the body, it goes through many trials, so it just needs the help of the church. It is believed that the requiem helps the soul easier to change into another life.

Understanding what a requiem in a church is, it is worth saying when it is best to order:

  1. On the third day after death, the soul falls on worshiping God, so it is recommended that you order a funeral service on that day to support the soul. It is best to ask the priest to serve near the grave.
  2. On the ninth and fortieth day, too, the soul comes to God and the funeral service is worth repeating again.
  3. To go through all the ordeals with the help of a requiem for the soul will be much easier.

How to order a funeral service in the church?

If you want to order a funeral service, you must first go to church. There it is necessary to agree with the priest about the requiem, which can be read both in the church and at the grave. Even in the temple, you need to write a note with the names of people who want to mention during the service. Still need to know what to bring to the church for a requiem. Going to the church to order a service, you need to take with you a certain set of products that are left at the panihid table. They are a kind of charity given in honor of the deceased. In the basket for the requiem can be put: various bakery products, cereals, fruits, vegetables, wine, eggs, butter, sugar and sweets. Prohibited products include various sausages, meat and spoiled foods.