The First Wedding Night: Tips

Today, no one has any questions about how the first wedding night is going on, but advice on how to prepare it and hold many couples are required. What to do on the wedding night - to look at the stars and indulge in passion under the open sky or hide from the world in the matrimonial bedroom, you decide. And to determine it was easier, here are some tips and ideas for organizing the first wedding night.

A couple of tips on how to spend your wedding night

  1. Traditionally, the room for the first wedding night is decorated to create a romantic atmosphere. Often this is the responsibility of the parents of the newlyweds or witnesses, but if you have doubts that your taste will be guessed, then it is better to control this process. Pay attention to bed linens, better dense cotton, silk or flax with silk. And let them be monophonic - that attention to the drawing is not distracted. Pick up music for this night, just the one that you both like. Many people even advise choosing melodies without words, apparently fearing that at the most crucial moment the couple will sing along.
  2. Many brides imagine that the first wedding night passes like a continuous waterfall of tenderness and passion. But I manage to give time to the main thing not always - the newlyweds are getting tired and the champagne on the holiday is sorted out. To prevent this, less spirits and more attention to each other. Do not follow all the rules of hospitality and sit until the last guest, when you want to retire, then you need to do it, wishing the guests a good continuation of the evening. Well, in order to back up the passion, take care of the table in the bedroom. Let there be aphrodisiacs - chocolate, strawberries, seafood.
  3. How to make the wedding night unforgettable? Of course, he will prepare well for her. The bride in the wedding dress looks fabulous, but make sure that under the dress was something to look at. Sexy lingerie and a transparent dressing gown in the bedroom are perfect for this purpose. A new intimate hairstyle will not be superfluous either.
  4. Of course, no one wants the wedding night to end quickly, so think about her script or improvise on the go. Propose a role-playing game, dance a striptease for a loved one, a joint view of the Kama Sutra.

The first wedding night and the first sex

Yes, and in our time of sexual emancipation, it happens that a girl loses her virginity only during the wedding night. In this case, you can often hear from the future wives the words "I'm afraid of the wedding night" and this is not because the girl does not know how everything will be. On the contrary, older and more experienced friends usually talk about what to expect, but do it wrong, scaring the bride with pain and blood during the first sex. As a result, the girl is clamped and really gets the pain she is so afraid of. To avoid this, you need to throw all the "horror stories" out of your head. Ask your future spouse to help you relax, let him be affectionate and affectionate. If the rupture of the hymen occurs at the time of strong excitation, the pain will be minimal. In addition, pain is not necessarily the companion of the first sex - some of the hymen is elastic and well stretched or thin and torn almost painless. So do not bother to think about how the girl should behave on the wedding night, relax better and let the partner take the initiative today.

The best posture for virgins is the following. The girl should lie on her back, placing a roller or a small pillow under her rump, and her legs bend at the knees and raise her to her chest. In this position, the hymen is stretched, and its rupture occurs quickly, causing short-term pain. After the rupture of the hymen, bleeding starts, which usually passes quickly, but still repeat the love exercises better after 4-5 days, when everything will heal.