Poses for orgasm

Girls, are you still looking for the best postures to achieve a quick and strong orgasm? And do you really think that there can be a universal pose that guarantees pleasure? Well, you understand that a lot depends on the characteristics of the structure of your body, and on your partner! Therefore, to search for the best, for all time, the pose for female orgasm is meaningless. You can only choose the most convenient positions for different types of sex, and among them to search for what is right for you.

Positions for Clitoral Orgasm

The best poses for achieving a clitoral orgasm are those in which there is the possibility of direct stimulation of the clitoris. For example, the following items.

  1. The "woman on top" position is good because it is easy to get to the clitoris. In addition, it is the woman who controls everything - she can control the angle and depth of penetration, as well as speed. You can also interrupt the act periodically to play the head of the penis with the clitoris.
  2. Favorite by many poses "69" can be called classic for obtaining clitoral orgasm. All the charm of this position is that the partner can use both hands and mouth to stimulate the clitoris. But there are also disadvantages - a partner (as well as a partner) can be distracted by their own feelings, stopping affection.
  3. The topic of oral sex is close not only to men, most ladies do not mind to relax, entrusting a man to caress the clitoris with the help of lips and tongue. Positions for cunnilingus can be chosen different. For example, a woman can sit on the edge of the bed, and a man can stand on the floor on his knees. Or the lady lies on the bed, her legs spread wide, between which the partner is located. It is also possible to stand upright, only in this case it is desirable that the woman had something to lean on.
  4. The missionary position is also well suited to achieve a clitoral orgasm. Only in this case the legs of both partners should be straight, then the clitoris will rub against the man's groin. If a woman decides to throw her feet on the shoulders of a partner, the clitoris will not receive such stimulation.

Postures for achieving a vaginal orgasm

According to statistics, vaginal orgasm is obtained not in all women, in some it happens only after childbirth. If there are problems with achieving this kind of orgasm, then you should devote more time to the correct emotional mood before sex, to train the muscles of the vagina and to choose a posture in which the vaginal orgasm is achieved more quickly. Positions here are worth choosing those in which the stimulation of the G point will be provided. Do not neglect and postures in which there is the possibility of additional caresses of the clitoris - there will be an opportunity to gradually move from clitoral-vaginal orgasm to your goal. In what positions do women get vaginal orgasms more often?

  1. The "rider" pose is universal for achieving both types of orgasm. To ensure the stimulation of the G point, you must lean back, leaning your back on your partner's knees.
  2. Vaginal muscles will be better used if you lift your hips during sex. For this purpose is suitable, the so-called officer position - the woman lies on her back, throwing her legs on the partner's shoulders.
  3. Point G will be actively stimulated at a position in which lovers are back to each other - the woman lies on the partner.
  4. Poses "doggy-style" are also suitable for getting a vaginal orgasm, the main thing is to bend well in the lower back. To achieve the desired angle of penetration, you can rest your arms so that the chest touches the bed. Or a partner after penetration can lift the legs of a woman, so she hugs them a man.
  5. If you select the correct height of the window sill (another support), then point G will also receive the necessary stimulation. In this case, the woman's thighs, when she sits on the windowsill, are just above the man's thighs.