How long should sex last?

How long can we have sex? Does this suit your partner's time? Does "long" always mean "good"? Many wondered how long sex should last. Opinions on this issue vary, depending on experience, age, life position and other details. How many people, so many opinions, and as many preferences of duration of coition. Today we will analyze this topic and try to find out how long the sex should last.

Longer - better?

This stereotype is rooted in adolescence, when hormones begin to take their toll. During this period one of the first "benefits", taking into account the development of information technologies, becomes available from the point of view of free video of explicit erotic content. In them, a brutal species, a male and a lady with very seductive forms passionately engage in sex, replacing one posture after another. This lasts for 10 to 15 minutes, during which the lady tirelessly publishes moaning sounds, which should indicate that she is experiencing incomparable pleasure. But is this really so?

According to scientists who conducted various studies and surveys of couples on the "how long should normal sex", the average time of sexual intercourse is 7-11 minutes. Most people consider this time to be optimal, to enjoy intimacy and not get tired at the same time. All that is less or more than this gap, people considered too short and too long an act, respectively. If with a short sexual intercourse, such a sprint sex, everything is clear (unless it's sex somewhere in the dressing room or on the stairwell), then what is bad sex, say, 15 minutes? There can be several reasons. Firstly, it is quite exhausting physically. Secondly, it is quite monotonous and devoid of variety. Even if during this time you change the 2-3 poses, this in any case returns us to the point about physical fatigue. Thirdly, according to the data of the same surveys and studies, the longer the sex lasts, the more the passion fades and the so-called "plateau" appears.

Feelings are the best indicator

So how do you know how much time you need? The advice is simple: drop all statistical figures, advice of experienced ladies' lovers and arguments of learned men and refer to your feelings and feelings of your partner. No matter how long the ideal sex should last, it is important that, no matter how long it lasts, it lasts with a loved one and suits both. If your relationship has just begun, do not be afraid to discuss such details with your partner. After all, sex is not just the satisfaction of need, it is tenderness and care at the closest level. Share your desires, and, perhaps, together, you will learn how you can have sex all night without turning this activity into a routine.