Sex on critical days

Sex on critical days seems to many to be something dirty and unacceptable, but there are not only disadvantages associated with the aesthetic side, but also advantages.

Sex during critical days: cons

Few girl will admit to having sex on critical days with a new acquaintance. Still, I want to make the first contacts without such a phenomenon. However, this has a different meaning.

During critical days, the woman's genitals are very poorly protected from germs and bacteria. Speaking figuratively, on such days you can catch a sexual infection just as if you have an open wound on your body. Therefore, if you really want to have sex, then let it be with a condom. However, it is proved that such a contraceptive does not protect from all troubles: for example, the molecule of the HPV virus (human papilloma virus) is less than the pore of the condom, it allows it to pass unhindered inside. And, as is known, HPV is one of the causes of uterine cancer .

The main disadvantage is to have sex on critical days - it's an opportunity to get an unwanted disease. But if you have a reliable, time-tested partner, then this minus does not exist for you.

The second disadvantage is the aesthetic side, and of course, the lack of opportunities to engage in, for example, oral sex or sex in some poses (especially with heavy bleeding).

The drawbacks are also the fact that in magic, female menstrual blood is often used in spell-ritual rituals. However, with unprofessional use, this can give the opposite effect and serve as a reason for the quarrel. Therefore, if you believe in the power of magic, you should avoid such contacts.

Sex in the critical days: the pros

As you know, ovulation occurs in the middle of the cycle, which means it is then that the probability of pregnancy is high. If this is not in your plans, then sex on critical days has a plus for you: during this period, the probability of unwanted pregnancy is very low. However, it is worth remembering that this is not a 100% guarantee.

Sex after critical days and 1-2 days before their onset is also considered the safest.

Another plus - sex during menstruation can reduce their intensity and duration in some women. This rule does not work for everyone, but some women noted this effect. The main thing is that it is safe sex with a reliable person, so that the negative sides in no way could affect your health.