Sexuality of the signs of the zodiac

During the birth of a person for his subsequent life, mind and character, in addition to genetic and biological factors, the location of stars and planets influences. This theory has long and firmly established in society. Unfortunately, to confirm it, like many other theories, is quite problematic, but, one way or another, it has a number of its fans.

It is known that some people have similar temperaments or characters , are prone to the same behavior in conflict situations or during courtship. Whether it is a star or something else is for certain unknown. But, if we can at least roughly imagine what awaits us in bed with this or that partner, why not study it? The sexuality of the zodiac signs is very popular among women: naturally I want to know if they will fit with this beautiful prince, what has appeared recently in their lives, each other in sex?

Zodiac signs and their sexuality

Sexuality of Libra. This sign gives an enormous amount of attention to the intellectual side of the issue. They do not have a lot of carnal pleasures - unity and mutual understanding with a partner in bed means a lot to them.

Sexuality of Capricorn. This earthly sign very easily remains true to its partner. For the most part, they are monogamous, so it means that there is a lot for him (if, of course, Capricorn really is in love). Needless to say, he will be sensitive and attentive in bed, listening to other people's desires.

Sexuality of Gemini. Twins in bed are unpretentious. Let them themselves do not have a sophisticated imagination, but they are always ready to support the proposed experiments!

Sexuality of Aquarius. Like any air sign, Aquarius in bed is present not only physically. It is important to understand and help him to open up, without embarrassment to trust you, and then you will have a real harmony!

Sexuality of Scorpio. These people have great potential and energy - this can go both for benefit and harm. In bed, changeable, sometimes "on my mind." In sex, as well as their lives, leads intuition, so success depends on your level of trust.

Sexuality of Taurus. For bulls, sex takes a very important place in life, so it's logical that often they are very good lovers. They value comfort, so they prefer making love at home.

Sexuality of Cancer. If you manage to call him to a truly confidential conversation, the cancer will try to heed all your requests or secret wishes, and then deliver you the best and unearthly pleasure. More adjust to the partner, than lead themselves.

Sexuality of Pisces. Fish are largely guided by subconscious motives. Lovers, they are fairly moderate and calm. They know the measure, but they will not give up on half. Unaccustomed to being rude or straightforward.

Sexuality of the Lion. Lions try to be the best always and in everything. The main thing for them is to know that never and with anyone you were not so good! And then, while the lion's pride sleepily slumbers, you can quietly correct all of its actions, if you suddenly wanted something special.

Aries Sexuality. Aries is a fire sign. In bed, restless, temperamental and very easily excited. Be ready for passion! Although, perhaps, you will have to teach them a lot.

Sexuality of Sagittarius. Sagittarius - one of the most single-minded signs of the zodiac. I am pleased to listen to your wishes and express myself. They like to have fun with sex.

Sexuality Dev. Virgo, both in life and in bed, will not allow infringement of their rights and desires. As long as you give them what they need - they will do a lot for you, that's what you should pay attention to. They love coziness and comfort. Inwardly sensitive.