Drill Nozzles

With the help of such a tool as a drill, you can not only perform the simplest work on drilling holes of various diameters. Using all possible attachments to the drill, you can significantly expand the horizons of using this seemingly long familiar and simple equipment.

As additional attachments to the drill, grinding, polishing, mixers, nozzles for cutting, angular, and nozzles-pumps are used. Consider them in order.

Abrasive drill bit

As already mentioned above, in addition to simple drills, there are also attachments to the drill and the most common ones are for grinding various surfaces. It can wash a coarse brush to remove corrosion from the metal surface, which you need to work with very carefully, since the fibers themselves are made of a rigid metal wire.

Polishing nozzle for drill

By polishing, you can bring the finished product to light in minutes, while in manual mode using sandpaper it would take much longer. Such attachments can be coarse for the initial stages and smaller for final debugging.

Angle nozzle for drill

Everyone knows the flexible screwdrivers with which help, you can tighten the nut in the most uncomfortable place. But how to be, if in such a place it is necessary to drill a hole? It is for this purpose that a special nozzle with an angle of 90 ° is intended. Thanks to it, even the most hard-to-reach places can be reached by electric tools.

Nozzle Mixer for Drill

When carrying out repair work to mix a small amount of construction putty or wallpaper paste, a drill is perfect. To do this, it will be necessary to purchase an inexpensive nozzle as in a mixer, only more powerful, thanks to which even small lumps of dry powder will dissolve.

Nozzle-scissors for drill

This nozzle is also called a turbo-scissors or simply a cutter. It is equipped with a convenient handle to securely hold the working electrical equipment. The work is done from the originally drilled hole and can be conducted curvilinearly or in a straight line. And for roofing works, for cutting tin, use the nozzle "Cricket".

Drill bit for sharpening

Thanks to a unique nozzle, inside which is located an abrasive wheel, it became possible to sharpen drills of different diameters. The drills are inserted into the corresponding holes with a point in the middle and after pressing the "Start" button for a few seconds, they are sharpened, which is equal to the removal of the face on the diamond grinding machine.

Nozzle "Balerinka" on the drill

In order to drill a perfectly round hole of large diameter, which is not available even to the largest drill, a special circular bit is used. It can be used for processing wood, concrete or thin sheet metal.

Woodworking Nozzles

In addition to the usual shape of the drill, there are modified, which are used in carpentry. These are feather tips with different blade sizes, as well as the Forstner drill, thanks to which blind holes are drilled.

Nozzle-pump for drill

For pumping various liquids from one vessel to another, a special pump is used to speed up the work. It has two nozzles, to which the hoses are connected, thanks to which the work is carried out.

The nozzles for the drill are also suitable for installation on a cordless screwdriver, which makes them even more versatile. When working with electrical equipment, one should not forget about safety equipment, since for all its usefulness, the attachments are quite dangerous in careless hands.