It would seem that in our time, the problems of the sexual plane both in homosexual, heterosexual couples, and in people who identify themselves with bisexuals are all heard and studied by scientists along and across. But there is still one more insufficiently known manifestation of sexual desire, or rather, its lack of "asexuality". Before proceeding to the consideration of the question of asexuality, it is necessary to reveal the essence of this concept. Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction in some adults. Scientists from the United States have been studying this phenomenon since the 1950s. Today it is known that asexuals do not have any deviations in their physical development, they simply are not interested in sex.

Asexuality test

If you have any doubts about your or your partner's sexual preferences, you will be presented with a mini-test of 8 simple questions, answering to which you will be able to find out whether you should suspect yourself or your loved one in asexuality. The following questions should be answered "yes" or "no", "never".

  1. Is sex for you some kind of "dirty" or tabooed concept?
  2. Do you need, from time to time, sexual satisfaction of your needs?
  3. Do you think that full-fledged relations between partners are possible only if there is an intimacy between them?
  4. Have you experienced, when there was no desire to master your partner, to merge with it together?
  5. Does the complete absence of an intimate life confuse you?
  6. Sexual relations, this is an important and indispensable component of the "right" relationship between partners?
  7. Do you often experience passionate impulses towards a person who is sympathetic to you?
  8. Is there any discomfort in the physical and psychological terms for the lack of sex for a long period?

If to all questions 2 to 8, your answer was "no" or "never", then you should think about what caused this state of affairs. The answer to question number 1 can indicate how much your upbringing about sex life was influenced by upbringing. If your answer to it was "yes" then most likely the possible asexuality is associated with a psychological barrier to the very occupation of sex that arose on the basis of "Soviet upbringing."

Asexuality - causes and treatment

As already known, asexuals are people who do not just deliberately refuse to have sex, but also do not experience any sexual attraction. Sexologists refuse to consider asexuality the norm, in spite of the fact that its occurrence can be caused by real psychological traumas. A girl can become an asexual member of society after rape or too painful a deprivation of virginity. A man can turn into an asexual after the first time he experienced disappointment in sex.

From a physical point of view, sex is a natural massage of the pelvic organs, and its absence for a long time leads to stagnant processes, which has a very negative effect on women's health.

From the psychic point of view, the lack of sexual satisfaction and, as a consequence, the release of the hormone of happiness into the blood, leads to changes in the properties of the nervous system. It is in this connection that ladies with prolonged absence of orgasm become nervous and whiny.

Treatment of this illness directly depends on whether the asexual itself experiences any discomfort associated with its views on sex. If no problems arise and your life is full of impressions and without sex, then the doctor does not need to be contacted at all. In the event that you are uncomfortable to be in this status, but you can not overcome your attitudes, you need to turn to a psychologist or a sexologist.