Urethritis in women - treatment

Urethritis is a common disease accompanied by inflammation of the urethra, that is, the urethra. It affects men and women in the same way. Urethritis is divided into non-infectious, caused by streptococcus, E. coli or staphylococcus, and infectious, which are provoked by gardnerella and gonococci.

Urethritis can affect every woman. This occurs most often with intimate contacts. And the incubation period can reach several months, and the symptoms will be absent. When there is pain, burning with urination, abundant mucous-like purulent discharge from the urethra with a blue-green color and with an unpleasant odor, this will be evidence of the presence of urethritis.

If you ignore these symptoms, they will disappear after a while, but this does not mean that the urethritis has finally receded. The organism managed to suppress inflammation, but in time there will be more serious problems, down to infertility. That is why the treatment of urethritis in women is mandatory.

Treatment of urethritis

The first thing that needs to be done is to contact a urologist, a gynecologist, because before you treat urethritis in women, you must first determine the causative agent of this disease. After choosing an antibacterial drug, patients are usually not sent to a hospital. This is a mandatory condition in the presence of purulent severe complications, and typical urethritis in women requires treatment at home for several weeks and even days if the form is light.

Chronic urethritis

When you have sexual contact with a person who has a urethritis, a small number of microorganisms appear on the healthy person's mucosa. If the immune system is in order, then you will not see the symptoms of the disease, but the pathogen will not disappear anywhere. He will let himself know about himself later, when he will suffer from hypothermia, cold or other infection. Then the time will come for the treatment of chronic urethritis, which is much more difficult. Chronic form differs in that from the moment of infection with urethritis to the call to a specialist can take years.

Unlike acute urethritis, chronic treatment is more complex and prolonged. Thus, chronic urethritis in women requires treatment with such drugs as antibiotics, antifungal and immunotherapeutic agents. Sometimes the disease is so neglected that the urethra narrows and buzhirovanie is required.

Folk remedies for urethritis

Immediately note that the treatment of urethritis with folk remedies is not the main, but auxiliary treatment. In combination with antibiotics and antibacterial drugs, they can speed up recovery and remove unpleasant symptoms. So, from burning and rubbing will help one glass of broth from the flowers of linden for the night (2 tablespoons of lime flowers for 2 cups of boiling water). A similar effect has an infusion of flowers from a cornflower (1 teaspoon of flowers for 1 cup of boiling water, and it takes an hour to insist). Drink this infusion three times a day (2 tablespoons, preferably before meals).

It is also recommended to drink currant and carrot juice, eat cranberries and parsley. They contain substances that are useful for urethritis properties.

Prevention of urethritis

The most effective prevention of urethritis is ordered sexual intercourse. If the partner mentioned the problems with urination, try to avoid intimate relationships with him until the reasons are clarified.

If for some reason you need to wear a catheter for a long time in the urethra, be sure to take antibiotics as a prophylaxis, which the doctor will recommend.

Elementary prevention will help you avoid such a dangerous disease, which brings discomfort and a host of other problems.