The click-clack system is the sofas with the improved mechanism of the book on the metal frame. Their main advantages are compactness, even large sleeping place, linen drawer and stylish design.

The mechanism of a sofa click-cob

The click-clack has three levels of layout - lying, sitting and an intermediate position for relaxation. The armrest and side parts have four positions, as a result, seven variants of transformation are obtained in the couch. A sofa clap often is equipped with a capacious box underwear, but there are also elegant models on the legs, in which boxes are not provided. As a leg is often used metal arc, which gives the sofa refinement.

The back of the sofa can take three positions:

In some models, the mechanism for transforming the sofa clap-bolt involves changing the level of the side elements, allowing, for example, to raise the head restraint in a prone position. Fully unfolded sofa is a large even double bed. It should be noted that such a model does not need to be placed close to the wall in order to be able to freely unfold it.

Sofas click-klyak - comfort and modernity

The sofa click-clack is a modern "book". To convert a sofa into a bed, it is necessary to raise the seat until the backrest is horizontal and fixed, as indicated by a characteristic click. Then the seat can be lowered. The width of the resulting bed corresponds to a double size. Sofa-bed in the unfolded form has no seams and hollows - it is absolutely smooth and smooth.

Sofas click-clack with an orthopedic base of reliable steel have maximum strength. The base of the sofa is a metal frame with attached to it wooden plates. These plates spring and create an orthopedic effect.

All models have a removable soft part, if desired, you can also use an orthopedic mattress for a sofa. Covers can be removed easily and can be easily cleaned or washed. Changing covers can also help with changing the interior of the room if desired. Mattresses are used on a spring block or without it, their height reaches 10-15 cm. For a sofa, a single-piece mattress is used, without a seam between the base and the back.

The strength and simplicity of the sofa-click design makes it popular for use in a children's room for rest and sleep. Children's models are more compact in size and a variety of toy upholstery. Such a sofa can quickly be turned into a comfortable baby bed, which will provide the child with a healthy sleep. A variety of bright and colorful colors will create a playful environment in the room, corresponding to the interests and interests of the baby. Also, the change of covers makes such a sofa option a suitable option for a nursery.

Such a piece of furniture is convenient to put in the living room, in the unfolded form it will come in handy if you need a sleeping place for guests.

Universal click-clack mechanism allows the owner to choose the most comfortable option for recreation. Its advantage is also the ease of construction. A modern sofa will appeal to people who appreciate coziness and a constructive approach in the organization of a bed. Orthopedic effect is useful for the spine of adults and children.