Krakow - tourist attractions

Krakow is a small ancient city, rightfully recognized as one of the most beautiful not only in Poland, but also in Europe. It combines elements of different eras and cultures, and its modern structure consists of five cities, merged together. The history has treated Krakow graciously, therefore numerous sights are presented practically in an untouched condition and breathe with the charm of the departed times. The list of objects worth seeing in Krakow can be infinitely large, since almost every building in this city is a historical, architectural or cultural monument, so let us stop at the most famous.

Krakow - the royal castle on Wawel

Wawel Castle in Krakow was built in the XIV century during the reign of Casimir the Great. But in 1499 he suffered from a fire so much that only the Chicken Paw Tower survived from the original structure. In this regard, King Alexander decided to rebuild the castle. The result was a magnificent palace complex in the best traditions of the Italian Renaissance, in which the royal chambers adjoined with religious buildings. The most famous of them is the chapel of Zygmund, in which hangs a huge bell of the same name.

Also on the territory is the cult Cathedral of Saints Wenceslas and Stanislaus. It houses the tomb of Polish rulers and the famous Altar of Motherland - a place where monks laid their war trophies.

Krakow: attractions - Market Square

The market square of Krakow, along with the Venetian San Marco, is one of the largest medieval squares in Europe. It was founded in the distant 1257, and the buildings along its perimeter, built in the 14th-15th centuries, acquired their present appearance only to the XVIII-XIX, although they retained the original features of the Baroque and Renaissance architecture.

One of the many attractions of the square is the trading building of the Cloth Hall, built in 1358 and repeatedly reconstructed in the future. Now on the first floor there are various souvenir shops, and the second floor is occupied by the People's Museum of Painting and Sculpture.

Also famous is the place in Krakow and the huge head of Eros, lying directly on the square. It is believed that the girl who climbed it, within a year will find family happiness.

Mariatsky Church - Krakow

Gothic three-nave basilica is the main Catholic sanctuary of the city. The modern building is the result of a third building, the two previous cathedrals were destroyed. Its construction began in the middle of the XIV century, but it was completed only by the XVI. An interesting urban tradition is associated with it - every hour a trumpeter who plays a heinal on a gilded instrument, never playing the melody until the end, looks out from the signal tower crowned with a gothic spire. This is due to the fact that his predecessor in the 14th century first noticed the Tatars approaching the city and decided to warn the fellow citizens about it by the sound of a pipe, but did not have time to finish playing, pierced by an enemy arrow.

Krakow - salt mines

The salt mines are located in the nearest village to Krakow, Wieliczka, just 10 km away. Copies represent a whole salt city on 9 levels, and their history counts more than 7 centuries. An unforgettable impression is produced by two salt chapels - St. Kinga and St. Anton, all of which are made of salt in details, up to the parquet floor and altar.

In 1964, an underground sanatorium was opened here, specializing in the treatment of asthma.

Water Park - Kraków

Park Water is the largest water park in Eastern Europe. Visitors will enjoy numerous slides, geysers, jacuzzi, swimming pools. Children will be entertained by professional animators in the form of fairy-tale characters. In addition, there are a variety of cafes, restaurants, SPA-zones in for active recreation there is a fitness club and a gym.

Dinosaur Park - Kraków

The park of dinosaurs is a unique place, offering a tourist a route along the "prehistoric" forest, in which he will meet "revived" its inhabitants, performed very reliably in full growth.

To travel to this wonderful city you will only need a passport and a Schengen visa .