Itching before menstruation

Sometimes a woman's organism signals about the malfunctions occurring in it, for example, some may experience before the months itching in the vagina and on the labia. Sensations, frankly, are not pleasant. We'll figure out what to do in this situation.

Why does itching appear before menstruation?

Causes, because of which before the months can begin to itch and burning is very much. Here are the most basic:

1. Thrush, also called urogenital candidiasis. This ailment is accompanied by abundant curdled discharge. By the way, itching appears not only before the "critical" days, but also after sexual intercourse.

2. Various colpites, in which, in addition to the itching before the menstrual period, the discharge (whitening) is also observed. The color of such secretions can be not only white, but also yellow-green. Sometimes there is an unpleasant "fish" or sour smells.

3. Some diseases transmitted sexually.

4. Allergies to pads, tampons, personal care products, as well as to the powder with which the laundry is washed.

5. Allergy to food.

6. Incorrect intimate hygiene.

7. Inflammatory diseases of the uterus and appendages.

8. A number of somatic diseases (heart disease, kidneys, respiratory system, trauma, burns, etc.).

9. Nerves, depression and other such conditions.

What to do with itching?

After the above list of reasons, this question sounds a bit strange. Of course, as soon as possible, you need to visit a doctor. It happens that a woman postpones this visit, justifying her unpleasant sensations of allergy, nervous breakdowns or fatigue. But, if they do not go through three or more cycles, then it's worth thinking about, maybe it's enough to delay already? After all, many of the listed diseases can cause not only significant harm to your health, but also the health of future children, if you, of course, are going to start them. Do not listen to your girlfriends. If someone helped the bath with sage, it's not a fact that they will suit you.

How is itching and burning?

The drugs and the type of procedures will directly depend on the disease, because of which everything started.

  1. The milkwoman is treated fairly quickly, sometimes only a few antifungal drugs are sufficient.
  2. For the treatment of colpitis, anti-inflammatory drugs are used.
  3. For sexually transmitted diseases, complex therapy is prescribed.
  4. With various kinds of allergies can prescribe antiallergic drugs or advise a special diet.
  5. Now about the wrong intimate hygiene. It should be washed once a day, not more often and not less often. Extra cleanliness can also do harm, so you can wash off all the necessary useful bacteria. The exception is sex - after them a woman always needs to wash. A warm stream of water is correctly directed from the pubis to the anus, and not vice versa.

Although everyone keeps saying at every step that health is priceless, for some reason many women are arranged so that they go to the hospital only when the situation has gone nowhere else. Girls, let's appreciate ourselves and what we have. Nothing will happen to your superiors, if you take a few times to take tests, the husband will not die of hunger for one or two times, and you can ask your neighbor to sit down. Let's begin to take care of ourselves the way we deserve? We hope that we were convinced, and now you will not delay the visit to the doctor.