Movies for teenage girls

Film studios of the world annually release not only blockbusters, horrors and melodramas, but also films intended for a narrow audience - for teenage girls. It will be interesting to watch such movies and moms, because they themselves were not so long ago in the transition years, accompanied by a storm of conflicting emotions.

Often, a joint review and discussion of what they see helps to get to know each other's daughters and parents, and establish a more trusting relationship, if due to circumstances they were spoiled. Therefore, we should not neglect such a way of communication and leisure, as watching the most interesting films for teenage girls.

List of the best and interesting films for teenage girls

Of course, films vary in age - for girls 12-13 years old, fairy tales with villains and a good ending will be more interesting, and girls 16 and older will be interested in other films that touch topics of love, hate, friendship and search for oneself.

  1. "Snow White. Revenge of the Gnomes. " An incredibly funny and colorful film with Julia Roberts in a major role. Wanting to have a kingdom and a prince in addition, the evil queen casts White Snow from the palace. But the girl does not despair, and develops a plan for revenge, along with a gang of robbers who prevented her from perishing in the forest.
  2. «Balls of Cupid». This subject is loved by many, it can be attributed to the films about teenage girls in school. And even if the problems of European and American youth differ from domestic ones, they are still interesting. This film shows the story of the fifteen-year-old guy Lucas, who moved to a small Norwegian town. He immediately falls in love with the local celebrity - Suzanne and he does not stop even the fact that she already has a boyfriend.
  3. "Fans do not stay for breakfast." One of the interesting films for teenage girls about love. Leela, who is absent from the country for a while, on her return gets acquainted with a nice guy named Kritz, but still does not know that he is a soloist of a mega-popular band and under contract he is forbidden to have a girlfriend. Will the couple together or the brutal world of show business separate the lovers?
  4. "Big girls do not cry." Two friends Steffi and Katie are different. One of the poor family, the other - the daughter of influential parents, but this does not prevent them from making friends. One day, they do not see Father Steffi kissing another woman and decide to take revenge on her, having met her daughter and getting her into an ugly story. But this childish revenge resulted in a completely non-childish issue, which the girlfriend could not have imagined.
  5. "Hello, Julie!" Life often presents surprises and not always love is mutual ... until a certain time. Julie is in love with Bryce, but he does not want to know it. Time passes, the girl's love fading, and the young man suddenly discovers that he has feelings for the girl whom he once refused.
  6. «Ballet shoes». This is a film from three girls who have remained orphans. They are brought up in one house, where they are guarded by aunt and niece. Girls grow up and choose their own unusual ways of life.
  7. "Cherry Bomb". Friendship between guys is under threat, because they are in love with one girl. All would be nothing, but she herself suggests that they become competitors, and the winner will receive her love as the main prize.
  8. "Team spirit". The most popular stink in school suddenly dies from electric shock. But the path to heaven is closed to her until she helps the gray mouse Lisa to become the queen of the ball and the time for it is released just a week.
  9. Princess Protection Program. According to a special "Program" the young princess, for her own good, the security service of the kingdom sends to a distant village for the time of the rising hype for the royal throne. In the village no one knows about the noble origin of the girl, and she enjoys the quiet life of an ordinary rural schoolgirl, until the time comes to return to her homeland and lead the kingdom.
  10. "Thirteen". Mom grows a quiet and obedient daughter, a diligent student and the pride of the school. But as soon as her daughter starts to lead a friendship with the most popular girl in school, the idyll ends.