Addiction among adolescents

The modern world has not only a large number of positive sides, but also is not immune to negative phenomena. Among the latter is drug abuse among adolescents. For example, in Russia, the number of teenagers who kill this life of addiction is 1, 7% of the total population of the country.

The child's personal relationship to the drug depends on many factors. Every day they hear about narcotic substances at discotheques, in many films, in songs and at school.

Often, adolescent drug addiction and substance abuse are popular among those individuals who seek to satisfy their curiosity, but do not know anything about the consequences of this occupation. Also, teenage addiction is common among those who are afraid that their peers - drug addicts will find them weaklings, losers and not fashionable. Promote this way of life people with low principles who enjoy at the expense of the lives of innocent people. They enjoy the adolescent desire to become adults or feel themselves like that.

Addiction in the youth environment

Often the reason why young, healthy people are addicted to such a pernicious habit is the impact on them of a negative company, distinguished by the fact that everything is supposedly allowed to it and everything is possible. But they do not realize that carelessness will eventually change to health problems, conflict situations in school and in the family. Since young people are not quite able to assess the difficulties in their striving to be an independent person, they are used by drug traffickers who pull young people out of their habitual environment.

Prevention of drug addiction among adolescents

Since drug addiction has acquired a mass character in the world, prevention is the best way to combat it. For best results, you need to use the maximum features:

  1. Connect the media.
  2. Appropriate introductory lectures should be held in schools and universities.
  3. From the TV screens you need to remove all those films and programs that are engaged in the propaganda of binge and unhealthy lifestyles.
  4. Youth should have other priorities.
  5. The role of the family should be strengthened. Parents should be sensitive to the teen psychology of their child.
  6. Both adolescents and young people need to be taught beautiful and sublime. Bring them to the culture.

Everyone should not be indifferent to this problem. If we make at least a small part of our forces in the fight against drug addiction, then in the future, perhaps we will be able to defeat it.