Halloween competitions for teenagers

Both young children and older children with great pleasure take part in fascinating contests timed to this or that event. In particular, on the night of October 31 to November 1, boys and girls celebrate All Saints' Day, or Halloween, which is often accompanied by such entertainments.

In this article, we offer to your attention several fun and interesting games and competitions for Halloween for teenagers, which can be held at school or at home.

Contests for Halloween for teens 12-13 years old

For children aged 12 years, the following contests are excellent, which can be timed for the celebration of Halloween:

  1. "Mr. and Mrs. Monster." Each participant in the celebration, at his own discretion, chooses that teenager, whose image he considers as close to Halloween, and indicates his name on a piece of paper. At the end of the evening, the presenter must determine whose make-up and costume were marked the maximum number of times, and hand the winner a memorable prize.
  2. "Pumpkin Jack." Each participant of this competition receives a small pumpkin and a sharp knife. The task of the player is to cut the smiling face in its pumpkin as quickly as possible. The winner is also chosen by the presenter.
  3. "Abracadabra". The presenter writes a few words on a sheet of paper or a board, after which all the guys come up with a spell, in the text of which all of them should be used. The author chooses the most ridiculous, terrible and beautiful spell. Similarly, you can arrange a contest for the most terrible story.
  4. "Blood Absorber." Each participant receives a glass of tomato juice and a thin tube. The task of the players is to drink "blood" as quickly as possible through the tube, without using hands. The teenager who has managed to cope with the task in the minimum time wins.
  5. "Frankenstein". All players are divided into 2 teams, in each of which one representative is chosen, or Frankenstein. The team of rivals in writing tells Frankenstein the word, which he must explain to the guys from his team with the help of facial expressions and gestures. The group of children wins, which managed to guess the best word faster.

Contests for Halloween for teens 14-16 years old

For adolescents aged 14-16 years, it is better to choose such contests, participation in which will be interesting to take and adults, for example:

  1. "Pass your heart." For this competition, you need to prepare a large size sponge, which has a heart shape. All participants in the match must stand in one line, tie their eyes and pass this object to each other without using their hands. To cope with the task, players will have to clamp the sponge between the neck and chin and transmit it so that the next teen could accept the heart in exactly the same way.
  2. "Take out your eye." This competition is a baton for two teams. At the beginning of the match, each player must be handed a tablespoon and a ping-pong ball, which must first draw a human eye. At the end of the distance, you need to install a container made from a pumpkin. The task of the players of each team is to take their ball in a spoon and place it in a pumpkin, without dropping it on the road. The winners are those guys who managed to cope with the task faster.
  3. The Lord of Eyes. To organize this contest, you will need an inventory from the previous game. All the children need to be divided into pairs, each of which receives a vessel of pumpkin and balls with images of eyes on them. At the signal of the lead, players in each pair should stand at a distance of 2 meters from each other. One at the same time takes a pumpkin, and the second tries to throw in it as much as possible "eyes" for the allotted time. The winners are those guys who managed to collect in their basket as many balls as possible.
  4. "Pour the blood." Each participant of this competition receives 2 glasses, one of which is poured with tomato juice, and a pipette. The task of the players is to transfer the liquid as quickly as possible from one glass to another with a pipette. The winner is the one who managed to do it in the minimum time and does not sip a valuable drink.
  5. "Dance on the broom". This musical competition, no doubt, will please the older guys. Each participant receives a broom. Using this object as a partner or an impromptu pole, it is necessary to perform a sensual dance to loud music.