New Year's children's films

All boys and girls are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the New Year. This is especially true for schoolchildren, because immediately after the New Year's Eve they have quite a long vacation. The period of New Year's holidays and school holidays I want to spend fun and interesting.

Including, long winter evenings can brighten up viewing of children's New Year's and Christmas films. The best films about the New Year, which every time with pleasure are watched by both children and their parents, will help you to spend an unusually warm fairy-tale evening in front of the TV with your whole family and support the magic New Year mood.

In this article, we offer you a list of the best children's films about the New Year, which must be looked at during the long school holidays.

The best foreign New Year's films for children

Among foreign films, the following deserve special attention:

  1. "Call me Santa Claus" (USA, 2001). A great American comedy about how Santa Claus, who has served in his post for more than 200 years, is looking for a successor on the eve of New Year's Eve. The eccentric producer Lucy, in turn, is looking for the protagonist for a new show. Very soon these two will meet, and real adventures will begin.
  2. "A lonely Santa wants to meet Mrs. Klaus" (Germany, USA, 2004). A family film about the fate of a young man who needs to change his father to his post as Santa Claus. The situation is complicated by the fact that the protagonist is not married, and this is an obligatory condition for Santa.
  3. "Dennis is the tormentor of Christmas" (Canada, 2007). Continuation of the famous film "Dennis - The Tormentor", which takes place on the eve of Christmas and New Year holidays. Hooligan and mischief Dennis decided to prepare his house for the celebration, but for adults it turned out to be a nightmare.
  4. "The ideal family" (Italy, 2012). The rich Italian on the eve of the holiday suddenly wanted to collect at a large table a family that he had never had. For this, he hires professional actors.

Finally, do not forget about such bright representatives of foreign cinema, as a series of comedies "One Home", an instructive tale "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", films produced by Walt Disney, including. family comedy "Santa Claus", and so on.

Russian New Year's films for children

Interesting films for children about the New Year are among the works of Soviet and Russian cinema. Most of them are perfect for family viewing and will allow your children to spend their free time with pleasure and interest. Be sure to watch along with your son or daughter children's New Year's films from the following list:

  1. "The Snow Queen" (USSR, 1966). An instructive and kind history based on Hans Christian Andersen's well-known fairy tale about how a little girl Gerda is searching for her named brother Kai in the distant and dangerous realm of the Snow Queen.
  2. "Twelve Months" (USSR, 1972). A well-known tale of how the wicked stepmother sent a poor stepdaughter for the snowdrops in the fierce winter. This fairy tale today can be seen not only in the Soviet version, but also in the more modern - 2014 release.
  3. "New Year's adventures of Masha and Vitya" (USSR, 1975). An amusing comedy about the adventures of two schoolchildren in the younger classes in a fairy tale, the main characters of which are Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, Kashchei, Baba Yaga and other popular heroes.
  4. Russian film almanac "Elki" (2010-2014) tells about New Year's adventures of dozens of characters in different parts of Russia, among which there are small children.
  5. "The country of good children" (Russia, 2013). In this film the family of the girl Sasha wished for the New Year so that their bad girl would stay in the past, and in her place a good one appeared. And it happened, and the main heroine of the film went to re-education in a fairy-tale country, where, however, quickly put her own order.