L-carnitine for weight loss

Ladies, actively engaged in fitness, probably heard about the fat burner l-carnitine. For other women thinking about losing weight, it is worth saying that l-carnitine is a substance produced by the liver, which is responsible for lipid metabolism. But why are they advised to take l-carnitine for weight loss and how to do it correctly? Let's try to deal with these issues.

Do I need l-carnitine for weight loss?

Many girls are inclined to believe advertising, and she says that for them, l-carnitine will become a godsend that this miraculous substance will easily get rid of excess centimeters and kilograms. But is it really necessary carnitine for women who want to lose weight? Perhaps it should not be taken, because we all know the difference between advertising a product and reality?

Carnitine is produced by our body, and a sufficient number is present even among those who are dieting. Therefore, the additional reception of this substance is not such a necessary measure. Obligatory reception of l-carnitine can be only for the girls adhering to a strict vegetarian diet - in their ration there is no raw material for carnitine production.

Does carnitine help to lose weight?

Studies have shown that carnitine users are losing weight faster than those who did not receive food supplements with its content. But this happens only if the carnitine combination is combined with diet and exercise. The substance itself does not trigger any mysterious processes of fat loss in the body. Therefore, sitting on the couch and eating carnitine, you can not lose weight. And girls who take carnitine for weight loss, will have to include in their program, aerobic exercise, otherwise the effect will be much smaller.

So the amount of pounds dropped will not be affected by how much you take the pills, but how much you will give in training. Then the question arises, why do you need this l-carnitine, the so-called fat burner? The fact is that this substance increases endurance, that's why the trainings are more effective, and the metabolism is accelerated, which means that the weight loss is faster. The truth is one "but" - the appetite will also rise, the body will begin to demand the return of those calories that you gave in the gym. That is why the composition of additives except carnitine includes dietary fiber or hoodia extract - they help suppress the feeling of hunger. But a strong increase in appetite may not occur if you know how to drink carnitine.

How correctly to take carnitine to a woman?

The schedules of carnitine intake vary and depend on the goals that the athlete sets for himself. But professionals are a bit simpler, for them all the proportions are considered by the coach. Those who want to lose weight ladies need to observe the scheme of carnitine intake, and remember about the fitness diet, because if you continue to eat as before, the attacks of hunger will not be avoided.

Let's start, perhaps, with a diet - these are the rules that must be remembered when preparing it:

  1. Meals should be 5, but not more than 300 grams each.
  2. The minimum amount of protein is 1 gram per 1 kg of body weight.
  3. Simple carbohydrates in the diet should be at a minimum, alcohol and sweets a solid "no."
  4. Consumption of fats should be limited to 60 grams per day, and it is better if it is monounsaturated fats (nuts, avocados, olive oil).
  5. The more fruits, the better.
  6. Keep up with the norm of calories - you can not exceed it, but you should not consume calories much less than normal.

To take carnitine had its effect, in addition to aerobic loads, include power, but they should be endurance - low weight and a large number of repetitions. The scheme for taking carnitine is as follows:

  1. For 20 minutes before breakfast, 200 mg.
  2. 20 minutes before lunch, 200 mg.
  3. For 20 minutes before lunch, 200 mg.
  4. For 20 minutes before training, 600 mg.

You should also take into account that while you are taking carnitine, you need to drink coffee less often, otherwise you can get health problems - carnitine has an exciting effect.