How to love your body?

At least once in a lifetime, but every woman said a phrase like - "That would be a little bit bigger" or "With such short legs I do not become a model." Perhaps this is purely female fun - find a flaw in yourself. Why in school they do not teach, love and accept themselves as they are. Very often in the head of a woman an image is invented, which is an ideal and apart from it it is not ready to accept anything else. Although this image is so unrealistic that even an experienced plastic surgeon can not cope with this task.

Why is this happening?

  1. Very often this problem arises from childhood, when parents compare you with others, trying to shame. The phrase "All children, like children, and you ..." by the will makes you think about your imperfection. This thought does not leave you in adulthood, you constantly compare yourself with others and see some shortcomings. It's time to cope with children's complexes and love your body once and for all.
  2. Another problem is modern society, which promotes the ideal of beauty. Take any magazine and try to find an ugly girl there, it's impossible. After all, all the "beauties", as for selection, an ideal, slender body, a beautiful face. Each woman, by her will, compares her with herself. But you must understand that the photo before going to the page "gloss", sent to the hands of a professional who can process it, removing all the flaws. Photos in magazines are necessary for advertising a product, not for promoting beauty.
  3. Modern society sets before the woman the goal - to be beautiful, because the other option is impossible. A woman who is not groomed will never achieve what a "beauty" can get.

The first step on the road to success

Teach yourself to start the morning with a smile. Woke up - smiled, looked in the mirror - smiled and tell yourself that you are very beautiful. This start of the day will give you a wonderful mood and energy for the whole day. Thus, you can train yourself to this thought and learn to love yourself.

Find the pros in the minuses

A great way to learn how to love yourself. Here, for example, think that your legs are short, for that you can wear high heels, that tall women can not afford. You are not "petty", but miniature Thumbelina. Does it sound much better and more pleasant? Find the pros in each in your opinion a disadvantage.

Do not be afraid to touch yourself.

Many may think "what a perversion", but here it is meant to once again pat yourself on the arm and praise, for something, or, buy a massager . The procedure of admiring and getting used to your body can be carried out in the shower with a washcloth in hands. And after take some fragrant cream and, putting it on the body, mentally praise it. The body will thank you and will be ready to carry out any proposed work.

Develop your body

Give a chance to your body to show and show all its capabilities. Go to the gym, dance , yoga, or just go roller-skating. Try yourself in a business that you did not dare to do before.

Take care of your body

To the body was beautiful, slim and fit it is necessary to take care of it. To do this, you need to eat right, exercise, do various cosmetic procedures. Buy different creams, scrubs and pamper your body. It will certainly thank you for it.

Deadly number

To love your body and take it as it is, go to the nude photo shoot. First you will be shy, but a professional photographer will help liberate yourself, and after a while you will get real pleasure from the process, and most importantly from your body.