Cor is a biochemical zone of the human center of gravity. Deep muscles that lie next to the spine and ensure its fixation are called bark muscles. These include oblique, transverse, rectus abdominal muscles, as well as small and medium gluteal muscles. Training the muscles of the bark, in most cases, is the training of the transverse abdominal muscle. By the way, it is she who keeps the internal organs in place, makes the waist more slender, thus stabilizing the lumbar department. So, during the general training of muscles, we need to remember about the individual muscles that are necessary for obtaining a stunning body.

How to build muscle cortex?

If you want to have a straight posture and a cubic press, you should not limit yourself to one workout per week. Start work on yourself while sitting in front of the computer. Do not put your foot on your leg, try to keep your back straight and not slouch. As for exercises on the muscles of the bark, they must be long, with a constantly increasing load. In this case we have one more plus - the endurance of the organism is trained.

For the best result try not to focus on the number of repetitions, and act until complete muscle fatigue. As the sportsmen say: "squeeze all the juices out of yourself."

Transverse abdominal muscle

In the front of the abdominal cavity are four groups of muscles. It is the transversal-abdominal located closest to the rest to the internal organs. In this regard, this muscle tenses when drawing in part of the abdomen. With the contraction of the transverse muscle, the internal organs contract, which contribute to the release of the lungs from the air, which affects the normal breathing process. Any exercises for the lower abdominal area will strengthen the transverse abdominal muscles.

As an example, the exercise "bridge". Lie on your back, bend your legs and place them on the width of your shoulders, hands either behind your head, or put them along your body. Try to lift the pelvis as high as possible, but do not bend the lower back. Each time, try to increase the holding time of the case at the top.


This muscle is trained in the majority by means of exercises for the top of a back. The subordinate muscle is the most inactive, therefore it requires special exercises for its development. Muscle growth is achieved by dynamic work with the use of blocks.

Long Adductor Muscle

This muscle resembles a flat triangle in shape and is located on the anteromedial surface of the thigh. It is much easier to pump the adductor muscle than, for example, a subacute:

  1. Excellent effect on her mixing and breeding thighs. By the way, it is this exercise that will strengthen the surface of the thigh and will prevent future injuries during the increase in loads.
  2. One of the most common exercises are the legs. For this, lie on your side, stretch your legs. The leg located from above, put before the knee of the lower leg, sock which should be directed at you. Slowly raise and lower the lower leg, not putting it on the floor. Otherwise it will reduce the effectiveness of the exercise.
  3. To perform this exercise, you need a strong chair. Staying in position on the side, put the foot more faithfully on the chair, lower the foot under it. Socks should be aimed at you. On the first count, very slowly pull the lower leg to the seat of the chair; on the second account - just lower it slowly. In this way, lower and raise your legs until the muscles feel a burning sensation. This same exercise should be repeated and rolled over to the other side.