Siding PVC

Due to its unique performance characteristics, wide color range, interesting texture and, importantly, affordable price, consumers have vinyl siding (more precisely - polyvinylchrome, PVC) as the facing material.

Siding made of PVC

Vinyl siding is available in the form of panels, the surface of which can be painted in various colors (usually pastel colors), imitate the texture (texture) of natural finishing materials (stone, facing brick , wood) or combine both of these indicators. Performance characteristics of PVC siding (resistance to external adverse effects, non-susceptibility to putrefaction and fungal attack, fire safety, ease of installation) allow them to be widely used for both exterior and interior decoration of buildings and premises.

As an external facing material, PVC siding is most often used for cladding facades and socles of buildings. At the same time, for example, PVC siding for the fa├žade not only improves the appearance of the building, but also protects it from the external environment and allows to reduce heating costs, since under the siding it is easy to arrange the insulation material. The same applies to the socle siding of PVC.

Of particular popularity in recent years began to use PVC siding of the block house, imitating the surface under the log or shipboard. The house with such a facade acquires a view built from a wooden frame. For interior decoration, most often vinyl siding is used in the design of balconies or bathrooms. Here, PVC siding is very popular. Having the appearance of finishing under a natural wooden lining, such a finishing material is absolutely not susceptible to rotting (as opposed to wood). In addition, it is even recommended to use it for facing bathrooms in new houses that shrink-unlike facing tiles, siding does not fall off.