Apartment in Scandinavian style

The history and mythology of Scandinavia are very fascinating, fabulous and interesting. If your soul has a place for a fairy tale, extraordinary elements, light and space, then decorating an apartment in the Scandinavian style will be a solution to your liking. Scandinavia is a salt sea, dense forest, frost, snow and Vikings. These factors also need to be reflected when designing an apartment in Scandinavian style .

The design of the apartment in the Scandinavian style combines the basic principles of functionality and the criteria for aesthetics, and also provides a good opportunity to expand the boundaries of a small apartment. Finishing in the Scandinavian style provides for the design of natural materials, for example, wooden floors, perhaps decorative stone.

A wooden floor in the Scandinavian style is a very important element. During the design and design of the apartment must pay attention to this. You will need a massive board, wooden parquet, laminate. It is very important that the natural pattern of the tree is clearly visible.

The colors of the Scandinavian style are exclusively pastel - beige, light gray, light brown and white . Wall decoration in the Scandinavian style involves painting, whitewashing and pasting wallpaper of light colors. To contrast and revitalize the Scandinavian style, you need to add to the overall design of the apartment bright elements, vases, paintings, furniture or pillows of bright cold and hot colors.

Creating an interior of an apartment in Scandinavian style

The traditional Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment fits very well with furniture with elements of modern design, as well as sources of artificial light, glass and mirrors. Furniture should be light and practical of natural material, ideal for a tree of light species - birch, spruce and beech, which are combined with chrome-plated metal and glass.

The basis of an apartment in the Scandinavian style should be an abundance of light and space, which should not be cluttered with unnecessary elements of the interior, without which you can do without.

Design in Scandinavian style - an excellent solution for small apartments. Feel the north wind, live fabulously!