Is it painful to have anal sex?

Many couples, wanting to diversify their intimate life, begin to experiment in bed. Because of this, there are many questions about different poses, techniques and sensations. One of the most relevant topics - is it painful to have anal sex and how to prepare for such intimacy. Today there are many forums on the Internet dedicated to this particular issue, so it is worthwhile to look into it in detail.

Why does it hurt to have anal sex?

Any intimate affinity, whether it be vaginal or anal sex, requires preparation. First of all, this concerns the psychological mood. Both partners must be ready for sexual experiments, and everything should be carefully considered. To understand why it hurts during anal sex, you should ask the opinion of people who practice such sexual intercourse. Almost unanimously, they say that pain can arise only because of inexperience and inadequate training. If you comply with all the rules of the preparatory period and the process itself, then at the first stages can be felt, only a small discomfort, which quickly passes. Many complain that it hurts to go to the toilet after anal sex. Experts say that the blame for the sharp movements of the partner, which lead to injuries.

Preparing for anal sex

Many women confirm that having tried anal sex for the first time, they were hurt, but in the future, taking into account all the mistakes, they did not feel any discomfort.

Important rules:

  1. It is recommended to buy a special lubricant in advance, which can be found in a pharmacy or an intimate store. This tool will help reduce pain, improve slip and reduce the risk of injury. It is not recommended to replace the lubricant with a regular cream or butter.
  2. A few hours before the closeness it is worth making an enema to clear the intestines.
  3. You can also use condoms, which also have a lubricant.
  4. Before the process, it is necessary to develop an anal opening. To do this, apply grease and massage it.