Ceiling in the nursery

Requirements for the materials for finishing this room have always been very high. It is impossible that the paint or cloth should be separated by chemical compounds capable of poisoning small residents. If possible, you need to choose such paper, wooden, fabric ceilings in the nursery, which will least attract dust. Also note that some types of finishes are not suitable for the room where the student lives. For example, cassette, rack or panel materials work well in a bathroom, corridor or kitchen, but here they will look inappropriate.

Variants of ceilings in the nursery

  1. Wooden ceiling in the nursery . It is easiest to use wood in a country house, in the urban setting with this business there are many difficulties. If the owners manage to translate such an idea, then in the room where their heirs live, there will be the most healthy and comfortable atmosphere. The tree possesses not only a fine structure, but also allocates curative natural aromas, saturates an inexpressible aura. For finishing is suitable lining, panels made of natural wood, carved facing plates, plywood sheets and wooden wallpaper. It should be noted that all of the above materials fit perfectly into the extremely cozy country style, which kids usually adore. With this selection you do not need any additional expensive fixtures, fashionable stickers on the ceiling in the nursery or special lighting.
  2. Stretch ceilings in the children's room . The choice of this material for the child's room is also justified, it is safe, practical, beautiful, helps to increase other important characteristics of the room (soundproofing and thermal insulation). In addition, the stretch fabric allows you to place in the nursery on the ceiling the most diverse and fantastic photo printing. The main thing is to choose a theme in accordance with the age of your heirs. If kids prefer characters of cartoons, comics, movies, funny animals, then teenagers more appreciate images in a more restrained romantic style. Always popular is the starry ceiling in the nursery, the blue sky, as well as a glossy canvas made in neutral beige, white, dairy or light green color.
  3. Ceiling of plasterboard in the nursery . The reasonable price of drywall, as well as its plasticity, make this material an excellent choice for equipping suspended two-level or multi-level ceilings in the nursery. At the same time, it is possible to solve zoning problems, create interiors in a classical style or give it a completely modern look. In addition, drywall allows you to create magnificent ornaments for the ceiling in the nursery - the sun, clouds, rays, various undulating figures or even contours reminiscent of funny animals.
  4. Wallpapers on the ceiling in the nursery . Today, to get good wallpaper is not difficult, a more difficult problem is to choose the right fabric. Try to find out which motives are more to your child's liking. One is suitable for astronautics, others - seascapes, the third children adore the plant and animal world. If the toddler is very active or when there are several children and there is a problem with the choice, it is better to decorate the room in calm neutral tones, using a monophonic material or wallpaper with a uniform calm pattern.