Flowers in the interior of the apartment

Probably, it is difficult to imagine a modern apartment without flowers. If before the Soviet housewives confined to pots with figs or geraniums, now the decoration of the greenery of the apartment from the hobby turned into a whole art.

Who follows fashion trends, today they track not only new items in clothing boutiques, but also what flowers are now relevant. Indoor flowers in the interior of the apartment is an entire industry that offers all sorts of options for decorating the room.

So which plants for home decor are the most popular and trendy? The biggest trend recently is a flower with a thickened stem in the base. This option is perfect for rooms that are decorated in the style of hi-tech or minimalism. Exotic plants are still up-to-date. Such species are difficult to call flowers, because they please us, mainly by the shape of the leaves and the peculiarity of the structure, and not by the petals of the inflorescences.

Live flowers in the interior of the apartment

The main advantage of living plants is that they clean the surrounding air and absorb carbon dioxide, securing in return oxygen, so necessary to us.

At all times, the classics of the floral genre are living palm trees , dracaena , monstera and azalea. The favorite of home colors in the interior of the apartment is undoubtedly Ficus. This plant is unusually hardy and, thanks to its evergreen foliage, pleases our eyes all year round. Ficus lives perfectly in the midst of semi-darkness and turns the green corner into a zone of tranquility, peace, peace and comfort.

Of the exotic, most often decorate the house with a yucca or bokarney (curved). Bokarneya is a Mexican plant whose height reaches 80 m in its homeland. In the interior it is a large floor flower with a thick base and a green leaf mop on the top. If your house is built in classics, then the best decoration will be an orchid. The modern flower market gives an opportunity to choose an orchid for every taste. These plants are now represented in different sizes, and the color spectrum is striking in its variety and originality.

Dracaena and monstera unusually useful houseplants, they not only clean, but also moisturize the air. Monster is sometimes called "plax". In rainy weather, when the air becomes more humid in the room than usual, drops of water form on the tips of the leaves. And they say that she can cure a headache with her presence.

Artificial flowers in the interior of the apartment

Sometimes it is very difficult to part with the received flower bouquet from a loved one, so the best solution in this case is to decorate the room with herbarium. And it is better not to buy artificial flowers to keep bright colors forever? Modern technology allows you to make artificial flowers as close to the original, and sometimes it turns out even more natural and more beautiful than a living specimen.

It does not matter which greenery will decorate your interior - an artificial or natural flower, a natural note in the room is already provided. It is not necessary to bother with additional cares about plants, because you can place unnatural copies of your favorite flowers in beautiful pots.

A special place can be highlighted the decor of bathrooms with artificial plants. Because of the lack of sunlight and high humidity in such premises is unacceptable the presence of fresh flowers. Hence, here artificial flowers, like anywhere else, can make their floral mite and add to the "wet" interior of elegance.

All plants can visually change the space of the room. For example, tall palms will relatively raise the ceiling and increase the volume of the hall. And if, on the contrary, it is necessary to make a room lower, then it is better to choose plants with dangling branches, they will smooth out the impression of a high wall.