Birch Juice - Procurement

Birch juice or pasoku is loved by many, but someone buys it ready, and someone has a tradition - to harvest birch sap in the early spring. But if you really want to conserve birch sap for the winter, you need to know how to do it correctly, as other methods of harvesting keep the birch juice high until mid-summer. Here's a recipe for canned birch sap and how to prepare it for future use, and we'll talk in more detail.

How to preserve birch sap?

If there is a desire to preserve the birch sap before the winter, then it must be preserved, as usual blanks for the winter, by pasteurization and subsequent rolling with metal lids. Here are a couple of the most popular ways.

Method 1

If you roll up birch sap, as written in this recipe, you need to prepare the sugar, citric acid and lemon or orange in addition to the product itself. Sugar take 2 tablespoons for each liter of juice, citric acid is needed at the tip of the knife, citrus - to taste.

We cut the thin lemon slices (orange) and put it in a container with birch juice, there we also send sugar and citric acid. We let the juice boil and pour over previously sterilized jars. In each jar we put on a slice of lemon and quickly roll. Leave the juice until completely cooled down, and then we send it to storage.

Method 2

For the preparation of birch sap by this method, in addition to the juice itself, yeast will be required, at a rate of 20 grams per liter. Juice is poured into a saucepan, heated and diluted in it with yeast. After the juice is exposed to cold for 4 days. After a lapse of four days, the juice is poured into sterile jars and rolled up.

Harvesting and storage of birch sap until summer

How to preserve the birch sap have figured out, but not everyone will be able to endure until the winter, and even during the heat treatment some useful qualities are lost. And because birch juice is better to drink fresh, or to cook one of the delicious drinks that will please you with their taste and usefulness until the middle of summer.

Kvass from birch juice

For 1.5 liters of birch juice, you need to take 15-20 pieces of raisins, 2 tablespoons of sugar.

In bottles we pour fresh, freshly collected juice, we put raisins and sugar. You can also add a peel of orange or lemon. The bottles are tightly closed and taken out to the cold. Keep bottles better when lying down. After 3 months, the foam drink will be ready. They drink such kvass with or without sugar, which people like.

Refreshing drink made from birch sap

Dried apples and pears and sugar will be required - 1 liter can of 10 liters of birch juice.

Pour the juice into a large saucepan, add sugar. We tie dry fruits in gauze and dip them into juice. The pan is closed and sent to the cold, ideally in the cellar. The drink will be ready in 2,5-3 months.


Real fans of birch juice can try to make this drink. On 5 liters of birch juice you need to take 1 liter of port, 2 lemon and 1.6 kg of sugar.

We chopped lemons, together with zest, slices. Bones are removed. In the pan (barrel) pour out port, juice, add lemons and sugar. We close the container with a lid and take it out to the cold. After 2 months we pour out the birch bark in bottles and clog them well. Those who do birch bark not the first time, advise to fix the stoppers to the bottles with wire, so that they do not fly off. Bottles are stored in a lying position in the cold (in the cellar). You can drink birch bark in four weeks after bottling.

Birch vinegar

If you like natural vinegar, then you can try to make it from birch sap. It will take 2 liters of juice, 40 grams of honey and 100 grams of vodka.

All products are mixed in a saucepan or keg. We cover the container with gauze and put it in the heat. After 2-3 months, the vinegar will be ready. It must be bottled and sent to storage in a cold place.