Christmas Tales for Children

An integral part of the charming festive mood for adults and children has always been and still are children's Christmas tales. Many generations grew up on these wonderful works, which have long become classics. But modern authors do not lag behind in this matter and in the bookshop you can choose something new and interesting.

Fairy tales read at Christmas help to believe in a miracle, which we really miss in our everyday life. And kids, being more susceptible to different magic stories, simply adore listening to wonderful Christmas fairytales for children in the evening before going to bed.

Tales of the Nativity of Christ

"Christmas porridge" Sven Nordkvist

An unparalleled "warm" and spiritual story about the life of gnomes and people. Under Christmas, people forgot to put the dwarves a traditional plate with porridge, but the way out of the situation was found by the diplomatic mother of a gnome. Beautiful pictures, details of the interior, drawn and described in the smallest details, will take the kids far, far to the land of fairy-tale characters.

"Christmas in the Petson's House" Sven Nordkvist

A story for younger schoolchildren about two friends Petson and a small kitten Findus. Just before the holidays, one of them twisted his leg and can no longer walk behind the tree and prepare for Christmas. How to be? Who will help friends on this day not to be left without a festive dinner and a decorated Christmas tree?

"Angelina Meets Christmas" by Catherine Holabert, Helen Craig

The tale of a little mouse Angelina, who, along with her family, is preparing to celebrate Christmas, but suddenly saw the old postman, absolutely not in the mood at this magical time, and she decided to help him.

In addition to these stories of modern authors, children of different ages will like these tastes about Christmas:

  1. The Tale of the Lost Winter (Tatiana Popova).
  2. An angel who loves cookies with cinnamon (Maria Shkurina).
  3. Asterisk as a present for mom (Maria Shkurina).
  4. Christmas Tree (I. Rutenina).
  5. Christmas Dream (N. Abramtseva).
  6. Bethlehem baby ("fairy tale of the Nativity of Christ" Selma Lagerlief).
  7. Spiders and a Christmas tree (translation from English V. Grigoryan).
  8. The Nutcracker (Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann).
  9. Twelve months (Samuel Marshak).
  10. Christmas magic (Maria Shkurina) and many others.

Modern children of any age also need a fairy tale, just like their mothers and dads, especially on the eve of such a wonderful holiday as Christmas. Give your children communication with fairy-tale heroes, and let this time remain forever in their soul, as the most magical and wonderful.