Assistant Trump Hope Hicks overshadowed the wife of the US president at a government banquet in Japan

After it became known about the visit of Donald and Melania Trump to the Asian countries, the press follows them on their heels. Yesterday, the media delighted fans of the US presidential family with pictures of events organized by the Japanese side for high-ranking guests, and today everyone is discussing the farewell evening of Donald and Melania Trump with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and other officials of Japan.

Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe and Melania Trump

Hope Hicks eclipsed Melania Trump

Recently it has become quite fashionable to discuss dresses at the receptions of various famous people. And if earlier the admiration of many women of fashion appeared in public Kate Middleton, now the wife of the US President Melania is not far behind. At the farewell party in Japan, Mrs. Trump appeared in a long red dress from the Valentino brand. The product was quite an interesting cut: it was a loose fit figure, and behind had an open back with a bow. With regard to accessories, Melania wore a dress of the same color with sharp-pointed high-heeled shoes and jewelry with large diamonds: a ring and earrings. Makeup Trump was made in evening tones: the smock ice in the eyes perfectly harmonized with coral lipstick, which ideally suited the tone of the attire.

Melania Trump
Melania in a dress from the brand Valentino

And while many fans were delighted with the image of Melania Trump, one of the journalists caught another very interesting person in his lens. She was 29-year-old assistant to Donald Trump, and part-time director of communications, 29-year-old ex-model Hope Hicks. Many fans, after viewing the pictures published on the Internet, noticed that the girl is dressed very unusual for this business reception. At this kind of events, women tend to appear in long dresses, and violating this dress code does not require bold courage. Apparently, she has Hicks, because the US presidential aide came to a reception in a women's tuxedo from the brand Yves Saint Laurent. By the way, the famous couturier came up with this kind of clothes especially for business women, and introduced the first time Le Smoking in 1966.

After photos from Hope got on the Internet, many fans noticed that the 29-year-old assistant looks much more elegant than the wife of the US president. Almost immediately, Hicks had an army of fans who began to ask the girl to show up in public and in receptions as often as possible.

Hope Hicks
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About Hope Hicks not very well known

After the fans of the US presidential family appreciated Trump's public relations assistant about Hope Hicks, interesting information began to appear on the Internet. It turns out that the girl was born in Greenwich. Hope's parents were always carried away by politics, and her father was a member of the city government. At 11 years old, Hicks first tried herself as a model and she did it perfectly.

Hope Hicks has worked as a model since 11 years

Despite the brilliant future, which was predicted by different modeling agencies, Hope became addicted to PR. In 2010, Hicks graduated from the Southern Methodist University, and two years later she was an employee of Ivanka Trump, presenting her clothes line as a PR-director. Two years later, Hicks became an employee of the Trump Organization. There she is interested in politics and very actively manifests herself in the election campaign of Donald Trump. One of the most serious merits of the girl is the publication of interesting posts on the page of Donald Trump on Twitter. In addition, Hope is a permanent member of visiting groups that accompany Donald Trump on business trips.