Conan Doyle and Benedict Cumberbatch associate ties of kinship?

Do you want to - believe it or not - but it turned out that the famous performer of the role of Sherlock Holmes on British television and the creator of the famous detective character connects blood relationship! Scientists have conducted serious research and determined that the actor Benedict Cumberbatch and writer Conan Doyle have a common ancestor. Unexpected discovery, is not it?

In order to find this mysterious person, the scientist had to make a trip to the distant XVII century. It was at this time that there lived a certain Duke of Lancaster John Gontsky, who was King Edward III's son.

Sir John separates from the talented English actor 17 generations of descendants. Thus, it turns out that the star of the films "Doctor Strange" and "Playing in imitation" has among his distant relatives not only a genius writer, but also royalty. So, why does the actor so convincingly get to play Shakespearean characters on the stage? The voice of blood, not otherwise ...

Sherlock might not have been

Shortly before the premiere of the long-awaited 4th season of the adventures of the talented detective and his friend Dr. Watson, one of the authors of the project said that he strongly doubted Benedict.

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Cinematographic group did not like the appearance of the actor, it seemed not sexy enough. Especially negatively the creators of "Sherlock" were attuned to ... Mr. Cumberbatch's nose! However, it was worthwhile for the future Sherlock to open the role and utter a couple of phrases from his monologue, as the doubts disappeared by themselves.