How to learn to see the future?

Sometimes, when something tragic happens, something that you could not foresee, you want to understand how to learn to see the future, in order to save both your family and yourself from the footsteps of fate in the future . For the development of this gift, born from birth in each of us, it is worth to put a little effort, and after a while you will understand that clairvoyance gives in to training as well as, for example, endurance.

How to develop the ability to see the future: basic recommendations

  1. Only desire and daily hard workouts can lead you to the desired result. So, decide on the place where you will devote every day time to developing the ability to see the future.
  2. First, take on an easy task, which gradually, like a snowball, will gain a new, increased level of complexity. So, try to remember bit by bit what happened yesterday. For example, yesterday you forgot the umbrella or just did not find it necessary to take it, and so until the last thread was soaked under heavy rain. Determine for yourself what information you need to master to avoid what happened. So, the following options are acceptable: "There would be a raincoat in the bag" or "I decided to take my umbrella from work, which, as it turned out, was very useful."
  3. And now close your eyes and drop all thoughts, incl. and such that make you think whether you can see the future. Imagine that you are not in today's day, but in yesterday's. Together with this, transfer to the past all the information that has just been discovered for yourself. Each of the assumptions relating to the umbrella in this case should be transformed into sensations, feelings, smells, but definitely not in a verbal form. In other words, feel all of your "I" yesterday's situation. Now you are in the past, feel it. You got information from the future and took an umbrella or put raincoat in the bag.
  4. The gift of seeing the future will gradually begin to manifest, as soon as you begin to move from the concept of "today to yesterday". During each such trip, focus on your own feelings, emotions .
  5. Starting with the slightest training, increase your level, for example, predict the results of football games or reality shows.
  6. Remember that you can learn to see the future as soon as you learn to concentrate on your "I", thoughts, feelings. Focus on daily improvement of skills.