Holy Trifon - prayer for work

People spend a lot of time at work, so I want the working conditions to be acceptable and not cause any discomfort. Unfortunately, but not everyone can achieve this, then a low salary, an evil boss or a malevolent collective, all this makes one nervous. To improve the situation, you can use the prayer of Saint Trifon to work. Clergymen assure that sincere appeals to the saint will help to cope with different problems at work.

Before we go to prayer to the holy martyr Trifon about work, we learn some facts related to his life. According to the existing writings, from the very childhood, Tryphon displayed his great abilities, so by his prayers he cast out demons from people, cleansed the souls of sinners, cured diseases, etc. He was called a martyr during the reign of Trajan, as the emperor punished everyone who was associated with the Christian faith. Because of this, Trifon had to endure painful torture, but despite this, he did not renounce his convictions and after death became a saint.

Prayer of St. Trifon about work

Prayer texts are best read before the image of a saint. On the icon, Trifon is depicted as a young man. He is dressed in the clothes of a shepherd, and in his hands holds a document and a vine. Icon painters identify this saint with youth and efficiency.

Prayer for Trifon, to find a good job, can read all people who are pure in heart and have no bad intentions. The saint will help to pick up a workplace, which, as they say, is to his liking. It is possible to read the prayer if there are problems with the collective, the authorities, and also at low wages and difficulties with promotion on the career ladder. Prayer words, read with a pure soul and unshakable faith, will open the doors to a prosperous life. With the support of the martyr, a person will be able to realize all his plans and achieve success.

You can read prayer texts both in church and at home, most importantly, before your eyes there was an icon with the face of a saint. Light a candle beside it and imagine for some time how the desired became a reality, then, cross and read the prayer to Saint Trifon to find a job:

"Holy Trifon, you accepted torment for Christ's sake! I stand in front of your image with prayer, ask me to back me up using the long-suffering Savior. I believe that he sees my despair from inactivity. Ask the Lord for help for me in worldly affairs. In the person of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, I seek support and comfort. Amen"

It is important not to sit still and wait until the wish comes true. Only their own diligence and desire to find a suitable place will be appreciated by the Higher Powers, and then it will be possible to count on the help of the saint.

There is one more prayer to Saint Trifon about the work:

"Holy Martyr Tryphon! You are my helper, and I hasten to pray before your face. Before you, I ask you to hear my words and forgive me, an unworthy servant of God (name). As your sincere admirer, I remind myself how you renounced the worldly goods, but tirelessly offered praise to the Most High. It was he who gave you the gift of working miracles. Show your strength to me, do not refuse my request. How did you deliver the people of Kampsada from the death of the inevitable, creeping creeps, so deprive me of lack of money, unemployment and a bad boss. Let my career be clean and smooth, bringing in income and moral satisfaction. Do not let me allow evil actions and thoughts. I promise to give you glory and honor you to your last breath. Amen".