Ceiling lighting

Sooner or later, the repair of the apartment raises the issue of choosing lighting. And here you can really get lost, because the range of fixtures is amazing. Sconces , floor lamps, chandeliers, LED lamps - all this has long replaced the lonely hanging "Ilyich's light bulb." But what to choose? The design of the apartment can include several types of highlights, but it's better to start with ceiling lighting. It is from him that the atmosphere of your home will depend and in the end it will act as the main source of light.

Ceiling lighting options

All lamps can be conditionally divided into two types:

With the ceiling decoration, you can combine several ways of highlighting, thus achieving shadows and creating soft scattered light. But keep in mind that, depending on the purpose of the room, the type of the selected backlight will also change. So, what options will be relevant in the case of a bedroom, living room and kitchen? About everything in order:

  1. Ceiling light bedroom. In the bedroom everything should promote relaxation and solitude, so the light here should be soft and pleasant. You can use a large pendant chandelier, but the light sources must be protected by lampshades. If the room is stretched PVC ceiling, you can experiment with built-in lamps or use hidden optical fibers that create the effect of the starry sky.
  2. Ceiling lighting the living room. The time when in the hall one single chandelier was used for a long time in the past. Designers are advised to supplement this element with all sorts of decorative lights that will ensure a uniform illumination of the entire room. So, in the center of the living room can hang a stylish chandelier, and the perimeter of the ceiling will be decorated with built-in lamps.
  3. For living rooms in the style of the loft and chalet lighting can be combined with the ceiling beams. Looks fresh and original!

  4. Ceiling lighting kitchen. This room combines several zones, each of which requires separate illumination. In the cooking area, it is better to use the built-in ceiling lights, and place where the dining table is complemented by a laconic chandelier with a shade.