Hidden eaves

Despite the fact that the Greek word for cornice literally meant a ledge on the wall or facade, modern designers often use such decorative technique as a concealed ceiling curtain rod for curtains. This design looks very unexpected and original, and most importantly very unusual. In the case of stretch ceilings, if it is planned to frame the window with heavy curtains, it is well suited to install a hidden ceiling cornice . Because the suspended ceilings are not always able to withstand the total weight of the structure along with the curtains. Thus, a deformation of the ceiling or, worse, a breakdown of the entire window decoration may occur. A hidden curtain rod for curtains has a small weight and convenient attachments. It is usually made of white flexible, but durable plastic. This fact greatly simplifies its installation.

A hidden ceiling curtain rail for curtains is mounted in a kind of hollow, which is left between the ceiling and the window. Thus, looking at the window, it seems that the curtains in their beginning have no boundaries. Very well concealed ceiling curtain rail for curtains looks in combination with a glossy ceiling.

Cornice for concealed illumination

Fashionable novelty for today are the eaves for hidden illumination. They are actively used to expand the space in the room, by mounting them on standard ceilings. Due to the hidden illumination of the installed cornice, an excellent steaming effect is created. As a rule, they are mounted on the wall at a distance from the ceiling of not less than 30 cm. Besides this, to allow rounded surfaces to be skirted, special flexible skirting boards with illumination are mounted on the ceiling.