Submersible pump with automatic for well

Residents of private houses, cottages and country mansions very often, if not always, face some inconveniences related to the lack of citywide water supply and sewerage systems . But if earlier the well could only be used in the traditional way, using a bucket, today such equipment as household pumps for wells - surface and submerged - is a good help.

The first type is an aggregate that can cope with the supply of water only from a shallow well. The second option is more powerful, it will work if the depth of the well exceeds 8 m or the well itself is located in the depth of the site and is significantly removed from the house. It's about the types of submersible pumps for wells that we'll talk today.

They have their obvious advantages, which include:

Automation for a submersible pump - electronic or hydropneumatic - is installed, as a rule, in the house.

Features of submersible pump with automatic for wells

One of the reliable in the work is considered a centrifugal pump made of stainless steel. It is equipped with a centrifugal motor and a device that signals a critical water mark (this can be a float, a bimetal switch or an electronic automatic system). The centrifugal pump has not the highest productivity, equal to 3.5 cubic meters of water per hour, and the depth of immersion to several tens of meters. Of the drawbacks of this device, it should be noted the danger of spilling oil, used to cool the pump. Therefore, be prepared to strictly follow the rules of operation of such a pump.

Drainage pumps do not have such a risk. In addition, drainage devices are more efficient and can pump even heavily polluted water. Such equipment is used even for professional cleaning of wells. And thanks to the float protection from dehumidification, drainage pumps with automation can also be used in the sewage system. For the water supply system, this pump is not very good, since it is undemanding to the level of water pollution. Of its other shortcomings, let's call a small head and a relatively low height of water, which does not exceed 10 m.

Asking which submersible pump to choose, do not forget one more option - this is a vibration-type model. They are the most simple to operate, reliable and affordable. They also provide great pressure - up to 60 m, which is important for high-quality water supply to the house and home territory. The only thing to consider when buying - vibrating pumps are not recommended for use in wells built on quicksands. This can lead to activation of quicksand, as a result of which the bottom rises and the volume of water decreases significantly. Such wells are best equipped with either centrifugal submersible pumps, either superficial.

You can also pay attention to the possibility of buying an automatic pumping station. These are submersible pumps with built-in automation, such as the sealed SteelPumps model station.

Now let's talk about the manufacturers of this equipment. The most popular models on our market are such companies as Grundfos, Sprut, Pedrollo. Submersible pump "Dzhileks" for the well is no less popular and has a whole line of models of different power. Virtually all of the above devices can work with water supply systems. A submersible pump for the well with the automation company "Aquarius" is intended only for irrigation.