Fear of people - types of anthropophobia and how to get rid of it?

Feeling of fear is instinctive and is an integral part of the human psyche. The fear that arose in response to danger, gave rise to flight and saved life. Sometimes it arises from nowhere, "sticks" to a person, grows over time like a snowball, completely subjugating itself. Fear of people is one of such fears, paralyzing the will.

What is the name of people's fear?

Fear has a scientific name - anthropophobia, formed from two ancient Greek words: ἄνθρωπος - man, φόβος - fear. Fear of people - a form of social phobia related to neuroses, in the International Directory of Classification of Diseases, is listed under the code F 40 - phobic anxiety disorders. American psychiatrist G. Sullivan believed that in order to understand the reason that caused the phobia, it is important to "untangle the tangle" of the relationship of a person suffering from fears with other people from his close environment.

The reasons why anthropophobia is formed:

Fear of people - phobia

All phobias are characterized by a similar symptomatology, which arises in response to the occurrence in the space of the object of fear. In this regard, anthropophobia is delineated into several subspecies (on the whole, there are about 100 of them):

There are also rare types of anthropophobia:

Common signs of social phobia and variations of anthropophobia:

Physiological symptoms in anthropophobia:

Fear of a large crowd

Demophobia is a little studied neurotic disorder that characterizes the fear of a large number of people. The sources of this fear can be any childhood memory associated with unpleasant circumstances that occurred with a large crowd of people. Fear of congestion can also form in adulthood, when a terrorist act in a crowded place, which occurred in front of a person, a fight or even a murder, may act as a catalyst for obsessive fear.

Fear of touching strangers

The fears of people are so diverse that the mechanisms that trigger this or that fear are not always clear. A person can grow up in a happy, loving family, but this does not guarantee that he will be freed from obsessive fears. Haptophobia - a rare kind of anthropophobia, manifests itself as a fear of the touch of people close and alien. Other names for this fear:

The causes of haptophobia:

Manifestations of Haptophobia:

Fear of communication with people

The fear of social interaction includes all social phobias. A sociophobic person is afraid of everything connected with other people. Fear of communicating with people is formed in childhood on the basis of unsuccessful interaction with peers, during public appearances, which ended in failure, all this leaves an imprint on the child's psyche making from it a possible future sociopath and neurotic.

Fear of looking people in the eyes

Fear of people and society can be expressed in such fear, as ommatophobia - fear of the eyes. This strange and poorly studied phobia appears in fear of looking at the interlocutor and when the interlocutor studies and carefully looks at the anthropophobe. The view of an outsider is perceived as aggression and intrusion into personal space, which causes panic and fear. A kind of fear of a "bad" eye is a kind of ommatophobia, a person is afraid that he will be jinxed or spoil.

Fear of talking to people

Homilophobia - the fear of people in an awkward, incidental situation due to an incorrect remark. Fear of talking to people can result from fear of being intrusive or attracting attention. A person prone to gomilophobia experiences severe anxiety and excitement, even when one has to ask a simple question, for example, to ask for directions - he thinks that he will be considered ridiculous and ridiculous. The mechanism of the origin of gomilophobia is not fully understood.

Fear of strangers

This phobia is inherent in the genetic level to all people on Earth. Xenophobia - in some it is expressed in a hypertrophied version: hatred of other ethnic groups, people of non-traditional orientation. In the usual manifestation, a person who is afraid of a society of strangers is apprehensive and afraid of all who are not his relatives. Often this is a huge problem for the person himself and leads to forced social isolation and loss for society.

How to get rid of social phobia?

Self-management of phobias is possible only if a person realizes that he has a problem. Among the sociophobes there are many who suddenly encounter the truth and understand that they have a phobic frustration, and realizing, there are questions: what to do and how to stop being afraid of people? If there is no opportunity to visit a specialist, at the initial stage you can follow the following recommendations how to stop being afraid of people and be shy:

Anthropophobia - treatment

In severe cases, when obsessive thoughts triggering fear exhaust a person - how to overcome social phobia? Fear of people - refers to neurotic anxiety disorders, therefore it is treated like any neurosis . Medicamentous treatment consists in prescribing a patient a group of drugs:

Psychotherapy in the treatment of anthropophobia has worked well in the following areas:

  1. Paradoxical intention - the essence of the method consists in trying to desire what the person is afraid of, to bring fear to the point of absurdity.
  2. Group cognitive-behavioral therapy is a method of systematic sensitization, in which there is a gradual decrease in emotional susceptibility to objects that cause fear.