How to cook condensed milk without a can?

There is nothing easier and easier than to boil condensed milk directly in the jar. But it happens that the delicacy is sold in a draft. Believe me, this is not a reason for grieving, and there is also a way out. You can get a delicious boiled condensed milk and without a can, and how, we'll tell you now.

How to cook condensed milk without a jar on the stove?

So, we need a small aluminum pan. Pour the condensed milk into it and put the dishes on a small fire. We bring the contents to boil, do not forget to constantly stir the mass with a wooden spoon. After that, reduce the heat and cook the condensed milk to the desired density and color. Remember, if you do not mix the treat, it will not only burn, but also form a hard crust on the walls.

How to cook condensed milk without a can in the microwave?

We take 2 dishes: in a large bowl, pour a little water and set the bowl on top. Pour the condensed milk into it and put the construction in the microwave. Close the device with a lid, put out the maximum power and cook for 5 minutes. After this, the condensed milk is thoroughly mixed and sent for another 5 minutes into the microwave. Repeat these actions until the dainty reaches the desired density. After that, we spread the boiled condensed milk into a clean jar and serve it to a table with a fresh loaf or biscuits .

How to cook condensed milk without a can in the multivark?

In the cup of the multivarka pour out the usual condensed milk, select the program "Baking" and cook for 15 minutes without closing the device with a lid. During this time, several times we stir the delicacy, so that it does not burn and do not stick to the walls of the dishes. We put the cooked boiled condensed milk on a saucer and serve it to a tea party or smear it with sponge cakes and form a delicious homemade cake.

How to make a boiled condensed milk without a jar?

And finally, we offer you another interesting and simple way of preparing boiled condensed milk without a can. It is to weld a delicacy in the oven. The method is certainly long, but it does not give you any problems at all. So, the condensed milk is poured into a clay pot and covered with a little lid. At the bottom of the oven set a large bowl filled with water. When heated, it will give steam, and milk will not burn. On the grate we put our pot, close the door and weighed the condensed milk for about 3 hours. Most importantly, do not forget to add water to the bottom tank if necessary.