When to do an ovulation test?

The test for ovulation will tell you the time when you can make attempts to conceive. The fact is that ovulation, when the chances of fertilization are particularly high, comes once for the entire cycle, so those who want to have a baby, it is necessary to plan sexual intercourse for this period.

Principle of the ovulation test

All tests for ovulation work according to one principle - the measurement of the level of luteinizing hormone (LH). Approximately 24 hours before ovulation, the hormone reaches its peak, which helps determine the onset of a fertile period.

In other words, the test for ovulation will help you calculate when it is better to have sex for successful fertilization .

To date, there are many tests that help determine the level of the hormone LH and the onset of ovulation - many of them work in urine, blood and saliva. I found my fans also a reusable electronic test for ovulation, which determines the onset of this period on body temperature. But the most popular because of its effectiveness and accessibility are jet tests that determine the onset of ovulation by the level of the hormone in the urine.

Ovulation Injection Test: Features of Use

The test for ovulation should be done several days in a row, preferably at the same time. There is a definite formula that allows you to get the most reliable test results - "cycle length minus 17". In other words, if your menstrual cycle is 28 days, then it's recommended to start the test already from 11 days.

The sensitivity of tests for ovulation determines their effectiveness, so you should take the first morning urine, and also better to refrain from taking liquid for 1-3 hours before the procedure. A positive result is the appearance of a strip of the same color (or darker) with a control strip. A light strip is a negative result, and the absence of a strip is a mistake in the test.

On the question of whether ovulation tests are wrong, experts evasively reply that the hormone level is individual for every woman. But, as a rule, the reasons for the false test result are: