Pregnancy planning - preparation for conception for women and men

A thorough and competent approach to the birth of a baby is a distinctive feature of people who deliberately approach a responsible decision. Planning pregnancy should begin long before the very moment of fertilization, in order to protect the future baby from all possible deviations in development to the maximum.

Planning pregnancy - where to start?

Deciding to give birth to a baby indicates two ways that a woman can walk. The first is to surrender to the mercy of nature and just wait for the miracle to happen. The second is to learn everything about pregnancy planning, where to start a woman, what specialists to visit, if necessary - to treat existing diseases. More and more couples prefer to be responsible parents, because every year the percentage of problems with bearing, as well as the health of mom and fetus, increases.

Even before the planning of pregnancy, for several months, a woman needs to try to change her way of life for the better - spend less time at the computer, walk a lot, eat fully, avoid crowded places where you can pick up a cold that will be out of place. Strictly forbidden:

Analyzes when planning pregnancy

To know the state of health before conception to future parents is necessary, this is the planning of pregnancy. After all, often, with many problems that arose in the process of gestation or childbirth, it would not be possible to encounter, if the married couple did not treat themselves so carelessly to themselves. What future tests should be done when planning pregnancy, future parents should learn from the doctor.

List of tests for pregnancy planning for women

Preparation for conception is important for everyone, but it is especially important if earlier there were cases of sudden interruption, fetal development abnormality and if fertilization does not occur for a long time. Future mothers are prescribed hormone tests when planning pregnancy, allowing you to fully see the picture of the hormonal background and the cause of the problem. Those couples who have not been able to give birth to a baby for a long time already know them, and some of them learn about them for the first time. It:

  1. Cortisol.
  2. Common and free thyroxine.
  3. DGA-S.
  4. Luteinizing hormone.
  5. Testosterone.
  6. Follicle-stimulating hormone.
  7. Prolactin.
  8. Estradiol.
  9. Progesterone.

If an increased or decreased level of one or more hormones is detected, appropriate treatment is prescribed, sometimes using hormonal drugs. After testing, it may be necessary to stimulate the ovaries for pregnancy planning. This procedure takes time and passes under strict medical supervision.

In gynecology, there is the term "pregravid preparation for pregnancy." The meaning of the phrase is reduced to a comprehensive examination, in order to get a full conception, problem-free bearing and delivery. A woman will need to go through:

  1. The usual analysis is blood, urine.
  2. Ultrasound of the small pelvis.
  3. Blood for HIV.
  4. US shchitovidki.
  5. Rh factor analysis.
  6. Analysis on TORCH.
  7. Consultation of a geneticist.
  8. Examination for infection (ureaplasmosis, chlamydia).
  9. Taking a smear on a pathological vaginal microflora.

Analyzes for men in the planning of pregnancy

The person planning paternity, it is also important to approach the impending fertility in a balanced way, because of his health depends on the quality of the sperm and the health of the future baby. A man will need to pass some tests:

  1. HIV testing.
  2. Ultrasound of the thorax.
  3. Biochemistry of blood.
  4. Determination of Rh factor.
  5. Analysis of urine and blood.
  6. Blood PCR and ELISA.

What tests to hand over to a man when planning a pregnancy, in the event that all previous attempts were unsuccessful, should be recommended by the urologist-andrologist, and if necessary - by a geneticist. These include:

  1. Hormones are testosterone, gonadotropin, insulin.
  2. Spermogram.
  3. MAR-test.
  4. Analysis of the secretion of the prostate.
  5. Cryotyping.
  6. Ultrasound of the testicles and the prostate.

Nutrition when planning pregnancy

The diet of both parents plays an important role in successful conception. After all, the ability to impregnate an egg has only good spermatozoa and a female body, saturated with useful substances. You need to change your diet gradually. The body will have time to adapt to the innovations, and at the right time will respond correctly. What is in the planning of pregnancy, find out at a doctor's reception that will help pick up only the right foods and exclude those who bring harm.

Nutrition when planning pregnancy for women

The main task of conception and bearing lies with the woman. This means that nutrition in planning pregnancy for women should be carefully thought out. Balancing and moderation are the basic principles of compiling a useful menu. If you accept a wrong recommendation for changes in the diet and there is an excess, this will negatively affect the ability to fertilize. The products recommended during the planning period include:

Nutrition for men when planning pregnancy

Responsible husbands are increasingly aware of their involvement in the conception of the baby, understanding that the planning of pregnancy equally applies to both. After all, if a man has a meager diet, poor in vitamins and microelements, then his seminal fluid can be unproductive. That's why doctors are advised to include in the menu:

Nutrition for men when planning pregnancy excludes:

Vitamins in the planning of pregnancy

Although saturation of the diet with useful products greatly increases the supply of essential substances in the body, applying special vitamins before conception, parents increase the chance to give birth to a healthy baby. The compulsory component of the diet is folic acid. It is contained in the above-ground shoots of vegetables and egg yolk, but this is not enough. It is necessary to take the drug in tablets.

Vitamins for men in pregnancy planning

By directing all forces to enrich the body with the substances needed in this period, the future father can qualitatively change the composition of the sperm. To do this, he should quickly abandon unhealthy habits, change the diet, lifestyle. Vitamins for men in pregnancy planning, the list of which the doctor will give, should be started to be used the same way as a woman - two or three months before conception. It:

Vitamins when planning pregnancy for women

In addition to folic acid, what kind of vitamins to drink when planning a pregnancy for a woman, every doctor knows and will advise her patient. It:

These substances that increase female fertility are included in the following drugs:

  1. Materna.
  2. Vitrum Prenatal.
  3. Pregnavit.
  4. Pregnakea.
  5. Elevit Prenatal.

Can I play sports when planning a pregnancy?

A potential mother who has never practiced sports should now prepare and help the body go through pregnancy with good health. However, you should know that sport in planning pregnancy is allowed with minimal strain on the body. Excellent swimming, easy running, yoga. But from the trips to the simulator it is better to refuse. A good physical form will be a plus in the bearing of the baby.

Sex When Planning Pregnancy

Long before the onset of conception begins systematic preparation for it. Denial of sexual intercourse in this period is not needed. Only on the eve of the day "X", about a couple of weeks before it should be sharply limit sex. How to have sex when planning pregnancy, a significant role does not play, but the presence of a woman's orgasm will be very important. Some doctors still advise after a act of love to lie a little with raised hips or use poses with deep penetration for a greater probability of fertilization.