Vaginal vaginal delivery

Utrozhestan is a hormonal preparation of progesterone of plant origin. Produced in the form of tablets, capsules and suppositories.

Women often do not know how to take Utrozestan better - vaginally or orally. The main advantage of vaginal use is the absence of irritation of the digestive tract.

Also reduces the risk of possible side effects observed with oral intake of Utrozhestan - dizziness, nausea, allergic reactions. This is especially true with prolonged use of the drug.

Indications for Utrozhestan application vaginally

The range of application is wide enough. Often the drug is prescribed for violations of the menstrual cycle with a deficiency of progesterone. The hormone helps to establish the proper functioning of the endometrium.

Also, Utrozhestan capsules are used vaginally in the problem of ovarian dysfunction, prevention of hormonal diseases. A lot of usefulness of the drug brings in solving reproductive problems. It is widely used in preparation for in vitro fertilization or infertility problems.

If there is a threat of miscarriage during pregnancy, Utrozestan, most often, is prescribed vaginally.

How to take vitrogene vaginally?

Candles should be injected deep into the vagina. In case of difficulties, you can use the applicator.

Most often appoint 100 mg twice a day. But the dose is selected by the doctor depending on the indications and the desired result.

Contraindications for taking the drug

Refuse to take vaginal suppositories or tablets. Utrozhestan costs with disrupted metabolism, individual intolerance, in the presence of tumors of the mammary glands or genitals.

Utrozhestan is a hormonal drug, so use it with caution. Self-assignment can lead to negative results and negative consequences.

Only a doctor can choose the right dosage, which in the end will help achieve the desired result.