Purulent discharge from the vagina

Separation from the genitals in women - this is normal. Therefore, not always when changing their character, the lady turns to the doctor. And it is necessary to do this, because such a change can be a consequence of some diseases. Especially dangerous are purulent discharge in women with an unpleasant odor. They always appear due to inflammation. Most often this is the result of infections of the cervix or vagina. A little less often there are purulent discharge from the uterus.

Some women do not rush to see the doctor, because the allocation can be meager, periodically disappear, and then resume again. But this inattention to one's health can lead to the development of complications.

What are the main causes of purulent discharge in women?

  1. Most often they arise because of gynecological infections. Pus appears after infection with gonorrhea, chlamydosis, trichomoniasis or mycoplasmosis not immediately, but after a while. In this case, there are abundant purulent discharges in women.
  2. The cause of these can also be hidden infections, E. coli, streptococci or staphylococci.
  3. Often, purulent discharge from the genital organs appears due to a violation of the vaginal microflora and the development of vaginitis. Moreover, it may even appear in girls with non-compliance with hygiene rules.
  4. Inflammation of the appendages, especially neglected, also leads to the appearance of purulent discharge from the vagina. Their causes are inflammatory processes in the uterus.

All diseases have certain symptoms and the nature of discharge is different: they are purulent-foamy, greenish or yellowish, with an unpleasant smell or scanty and very dense. But in any case, you need to start treatment as early as possible so that the inflammation does not lead to complications. And with the appearance of the first signs of inflammation, a woman should immediately see a doctor.

Treatment of purulent discharge in women

So that they disappear, you need to get rid of the reason that caused them. Especially difficult is the treatment of infections, which requires the use of antibacterial drugs. If the discharge of pus was caused by vaginitis, then the treatment is carried out mainly with local preparations: vaginal suppositories, tablets or gels. The most common drug is Polizinax . In addition, it is necessary to eliminate irritating factors.

Women need to closely monitor changes in the nature of the secretions. In time, having cured inflammatory diseases, you can rid yourself of many problems.