Sneakers on the platform 2013

Women's sneakers on a high platform - one of the most controversial trends of this year. From the moment of their appearance, women of fashion have divided into two camps - ardent supporters and no less fierce opponents. The only thing that seems indisputable - fashionable sneakers on the platform do not leave almost nobody indifferent.

In this article, we'll talk about them - about sneakers on the platform, tell you about the main trendy trends of 2013, and also talk about what is best to wear fashionable snickers .

Women's sneakers on the platform 2013

Fashionable sneakers on the platform make the legs visually slimmer and longer, while not going beyond the framework of the sporting style. Since these shoes are not designed for active sports, designers do not stint on the original finish. In this season, the most popular version of the design of sneakers on a high platform - futuristic. It implies a minimalistic streamlined silhouette, glossy or metallized inserts and high-tech materials.

At the peak of popularity now rock style, punk and grunge . In the fashion for shoes, this is expressed through an abundance of decorative zippers, chains of varying length and size, all kinds of rivets and thorns.

Traditionally, in the autumn-winter period fur appears on the podium. This year, fashion for fur and skin of reptiles did not pass by and shoes - many designers have offered sneakers on the platform (sneakers) and sneakers with fur trim, inserts of valuable leather or imitation of them to the fashionista.

Very often, sneakers on a large platform are decorated with prints. The most fashionable patterns of this season are: abstraction, floristics, oriental pattern and animalistic print. As always, peas, a cage and strips are relevant.

Another remarkable trend of the year is the coloring of "color blocks", which is a combination of several contrasting color blocks in one wardrobe item. This allows you to combine sneakers with a large number of colorful things and accessories.

With what to wear sports sneakers on the platform?

Snickers are an example of a combination of incongruous - relaxed sneakers and glamor hidden heels. Perhaps that's why they are so well suited for almost any clothing, except, perhaps, luxurious evening dresses and strict business suits. However, it is possible that in the near future someone from fashion bloggers or icons of style will show us the masterful ability to create even such seemingly impossible ensembles.

The best sneakers on a high platform are combined with jeans, shorts, short skirts, sports trousers of different lengths. Yes, there to say, snikers are great for almost any sports or casual clothes.

Sneakers on a flat platform make the image childishly provocative and bold. They are well combined with narrow sports trousers and trousers-pipes (especially truncated), shorts, skirts above the knee and jeans.

If you are a happy owner of slender legs, feel free to combine snikers with leggings or skinny jeans .

Despite the wedge, slightly increasing growth, sneakers on the platform can make the legs visually shorter, and the figure deprived of harmony. Therefore, if you are short, try to choose shoes in the color of trousers, contrasting combinations are unlikely to benefit your image.

Sneakers on the platform - an excellent field for experiments. Do not be afraid to try and invent new, original combinations, but do not forget about common sense and sense of proportion. In this case, if the title is not a style icon, then at least just a stylish girl is exactly for you.