How many calories are in the sausage?

Sausages are finely ground minced meat, from which small-sized sausage products are cooked. There are many varieties of sausages, differing from each other with minced meat and a recipe for cooking. Therefore, some sausages are used even in dietary and baby food. Other, containing a large number of spices, fat and spices are allowed to use in the diet only adults.

Calories in a sausage

Caloric content of sausages depends on the meat, which lies at its basis, from the recipe and various additives. On average, the calorific value of 1 sausage is 112 - 172 kcal. The average weight of sausages is about 50 grams. The lowest energy value in a chicken sausage, it ranges from 100 to 125 calories in one piece. In beef sausages this indicator increases from 120 to 140 kcal. Pork sausages are the most caloric and reach 172 kilocalories per piece.

Calorie content of dairy sausages

Milk sausages are often found in the diet of many people. Meat of animals or birds thoroughly crushed, pre-boiled and added to dry low-fat milk.

Dairy sausages are relatively caloric. On 100 g of product there are 266 kcal, respectively in one sausage 133 calories. These sausages are useful for a high content of vitamins of the PP group - as much as 23%. Their composition also includes phosphorus in the amount of 19.9% ​​and sodium - 62.1%.

To date, there are many unscrupulous sausage producers, which instead of traditional recipes use in sausages a lot of harmful additives, taste enhancers and acidity regulators. The person who is on a diet, undoubtedly, will pay attention, how many calories in a sausage, and how much in meat. And at first glance it may seem that sausages will lead to the desired weight loss, but it is not. The harm of dairy sausages is not in calories, but in soy protein and starch, which are increasingly found in modern sausages.

Calorie content of sausage in dough

The sausage in the dough is delicious, quick and convenient. But is it useful for the body and the figure? Regular use of sausages in the test will not go unnoticed. On 100 g of the product there is an average of 370 kcal. More accurate data depends on the sausage and on the type of dough. The most commonly used bread, yeast, or puff pastry. The calorie content of the sausage in the dough prepared in the oven will be lower than that fried in a frying pan. Sausages in puff pastry beat records on caloric content and reach 400 kcal per 100 g of product.