Drinking diet

Drinking diet is, perhaps, the most controversial method of losing weight and cleansing the body. Currently, she has an equal number of both adherents and critics. It is not surprising - a drinking diet is calculated for 30 days, that is, a whole calendar month is allowed only to drink, but in no case is. However, there are also milder options, which are much easier and more acceptable for the body.

Drinking Diet: Menu

Already from the name of the drinking diet it follows that one can only drink. And, as it is easy to guess, not juices from boxes, not cocoa and not sweet drinking yogurt. Any kind of drinking diet involves only the following drinks:

  1. At least 1.5 liters of ordinary pure or non-carbonated mineral water per day.
  2. Daily use of broths - not from bags, but natural: chicken, fish, beef or vegetable. To make the broth tasty, it must be salted at the beginning of cooking and add root crops - carrots, parsley root or celery.
  3. Milk and fermented milk products: milk is not more than 2.5% fat, kefir 1 - 2.5%, fermented baked bifido, kefir or bifid, natural white yogurt, varenets.
  4. Natural fresh juices - orange, apple, etc. In extreme cases, you can buy juice in the store, but it is important that they are without the addition of sugar, citric acid and other dubious ingredients.
  5. Green, black, red, white and fruit sorts of tea are allowed without adding sugar (it is possible with milk or lemon). Coffee drinking is not recommended - it activates the appetite, which will be difficult to muffle drinks.
  6. You can brew unsweetened fruit and berry compotes and kissels. Alternatively, you can pamper yourself and a hearty oatmeal kissel, which against the background of such a diet will seem very dense and desired treat.

Of course, alcohol is banned, any kinds of carbonated drinks, sweet drinks.

Drinking Diet: Results

It is widely believed that a drinking diet designed for 30 days, during the first week clears the hollow organs, for the second - dense organs, followed by a complete purification, almost at the cellular level.

However, the drinking diet itself is unnatural to a living organism, a person needs solid food by nature, and such a long period on broths can cause serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract. In this regard, it is recommended to practice a drinking diet, designed for 7 days. This option will perfectly help to cleanse the body and feel light.

However, if you notice that you have lost a chair, then the diet should be stopped immediately - it did not suit you. If the system still attracts you, you can use the drinking diet as a fasting day once a week.

Drinking diet for a week

This option is similar to the previous one. You can drink unlimited any drinks, provided you drink a day strictly 1.5-2 liters of normal water. Those. this is the only norm, from which should not be retreated.

There are a lot of options - you can drink everything every day, and you can distribute the days. For example, your seven-day diet will include the first day - drinking-milk, the second - bouillon, the third - juice, the fourth - tea, the fifth - kiselny, the sixth - compote, the seventh - optional.

Exit from the drinking diet in any case should be careful: first add broth to croutons, and to tea - a slice of black bread, then enter snacks with apples and other fruits, and only then, after 2-3 days, connect the usual food. This will allow the body to carefully adjust to normal nutrition without harm to the internal organs.