How to wean from the nipples?

Sooner or later, in front of the overwhelming majority of young parents, the question is how to wean your newborn baby from the nipple. This can be very difficult, because the process of weaning often causes the baby tears, tantrums and other negative emotions that cause moms and dads to stupor.

It is for this reason that some parents decide to wait until the baby himself throws a pacifier and does not try to force him to give up this device. In this article, we will tell you about whether it is worth doing, and how to properly wean the child from the nipple, if he no longer feels the true need for it.

How not to wean the crumb from the nipple?

First of all, it is necessary to note those harmful advice and recommendations, which are often given by representatives of the older generation. To abolish babe from a dummy it will not turn out by means of such methods, as:

  1. You can not smear a pacifier or a pacifier on a bottle with bitter substances, such as mustard, horseradish and so on. Not all adults can safely carry these spices, but here it is a question of a small child. In addition, in some cases, such substances can trigger severe allergic reactions.
  2. Cut a pacifier like a "daisy" is also strongly discouraged. This is absolutely insecure, because a grown-up kid already has several incredibly sharp teeth in his mouth, with which he can gnaw through a thin material and bite off his piece. At a good confluence of circumstances, latex, rubber or silicone will simply move into the stomach, whereas if it's bad, it will attach to the mucous membrane of the throat and cause a spasm or suffocation.
  3. Screaming and swearing during the weaning of the baby from the nipple are some of the most unfavorable methods. Since the crumb has already formed a persistent habit, he will logically demand his "reassurer" and do not understand why his mother is angry. In such a situation, negative emotions will only aggravate the situation.
  4. In addition, weaning the child from the nipple by any methods should not be when he is sick, or his teeth are chopped. Under such circumstances, the feeling of crumbs will only get worse, and his recovery will be noticeably prolonged.

How to wean the baby from the nipple and bottle?

To quietly wean the crumb from the nipple, do not tighten it too much. The overwhelming majority of doctors consider the period of 3 to 11 months optimal for this age, however, almost all young parents start to think about giving up this device only about a year or two.

To disaccustom a one-year-old child from a nipple, you can use this method:

  1. During the first 5 days, give the pacifier 2 times less time than usual for the baby.
  2. After that, offer a pacifier or bottle only for the night, as well as before a day sleep.
  3. After a while, do not let the crumb fall asleep with the pacifier - give it to her for a couple of minutes, and then offer a breast.

For those who do not know how to wean a child at the age of 2 years from the nipple, the method of abrupt refusal, which consists in the complete and irrevocable removal of the dummy from the life of the crumbs, will do. Perhaps in order to explain to the baby what happened, it will be necessary to "give" a pacifier to a little boy or girl, "send" to the forest to help bunnies, throw it into the trash can or "give it away" to the mouse. To understand how to wean a two-year-old child from a nipple, young parents themselves, knowing the individual preferences and characteristics of their children, will be able to.

Of course, in case of abrupt abandonment of a pacifier, most likely, mom and dad will have to endure the vagaries of the baby, which will last several days. If this lasts more than 10 days, do not torment the child, - get him a new nipple. Apparently, the time of abandonment of this adaptation for him has not yet come.