Corn porridge for babies

The introduction of porridge into the diet of the baby is the second and important stage in the acquaintance of the child with adult food. Specialists in the field of baby food recommend starting the lure with buckwheat, rice and corn porridge. These are the most useful and safe cereals for a small organism. In addition, they do not contain gluten - a special substance that is an allergen and causes bloating.

After the crumb has tried and is a little used to buckwheat and rice, you can diversify his menu with corn porridge .

Corn porridge for babies - good and bad

Many mothers know about the benefits of corn. After all, it is a storehouse of micro- and macroelements, iron, potassium, calcium, which the growing body of a child needs so much. In addition, it contains a large amount of fiber, which helps to cleanse the bowels of toxins and toxins.

In other words, the beneficial properties of corn cereals have a beneficial effect on the child's body, namely:

However, do not forget that corn porridge for babies, like any other product, can cause, in addition to good, harm. It is not recommended to rush with the introduction of this cereal to children with insufficient weight gain and poor appetite. Because corn grits do not have high energy value.

How to cook corn porridge for babies?

The recipe for cooking corn porridge for babies is very simple:

Depending on how many months of corn porridge is introduced into the ration of infants, its cooking recipes differ: for the smallest porridge it is cooked without the addition of milk and is blown down by a blender.