Central railway station

In the capital of Malaysia, even the station is far from the usual in our view of the railway station. This is a real work of architectural art, which is also among the ten most beautiful in the world.


In the first half of the 20th century the city was actively built up - for this purpose even the famous architect in Britain was invited here. It was he - Arthur Hubbek - and became the author of the project, in which the Railway Station Kuala Lumpur was built in 1910. The decision to build a new transport hub was made when the two stations in the city stopped coping with the increased flow of passengers.

The estimate exceeded 23 thousand dollars, and as a result, the capital of Malaysia acquired another railway station. It became the largest center of the intersection of the country's transport routes and at the same time a colorful adornment of the city.

Features of architecture

Visiting this sample of British colonial architecture is part of a city ‚Äč‚Äčtour , during which you will learn that the building is built in an eclectic style, where many others blended. In particular, you can distinguish between the Moorish style, and Indo-Saracenic motifs. From a distance the station even resembles a mosque - snow-white walls, small domes and turrets, spiers and arches.


Nowadays, the Central Railway Station in Kuala Lumpur is one of the leaders in attendance among the sights of the Malay capital. Perhaps the secret of such success lies in the fact that it is located in the historical part of the city, where tourists come to admire the classical local architecture, but, by the way, the station successfully competes with the famous Petronas towers .

After the construction of the new railway station in 2001, this building received the status of architectural heritage of Malaysia. Here was opened a museum, where tourists can see:

In addition, the Central Railway Station is still used for its intended purpose - commuter trains depart from here. Inside the station building there are:

How to get there?

The station is located in the south-western part of the city, near the Negara Mosque , the Royal Museum and the Bird Park . All these attractions are within walking distance, so you can combine walking.