Malaysia - tourist attractions

You can feel the real oriental flavor only by visiting the most unusual Asian states, which include Malaysia . Today, tourism contributes a third of the income to the treasury of the country, which means that every guest is always welcome here. But to go here "light", without proper financial preparation, it is still not worth it - the prices for food and housing, especially in large cities, can be unpleasantly surprised.

What can you see in Malaysia?

On the territory of this state there are many places where it is possible to imbue with unusual sensations. Some of Malaysia's sights are on the mainland, while others are scattered around the islands.

So, here's what you can see in Malaysia on your own or with an excursion :

  1. Batu's caves , located in Kuala Lumpur , are the most famous landmark in Malaysia, and even their photos arouse some trepidation. This Hindu shrine is located in the thickness of the mountain and is visited by a huge number of pilgrims and ordinary tourists.
  2. The statue of Murugan has a height of 43 m. This colossal structure is located at the entrance to the foot of a long staircase leading to the caves of Batu.
  3. The Menara TV Tower , located in the capital of Malaysia, is 421 m high in the sky. This is the 7th tallest building of such a destination in the world.
  4. The Petronas Towers is a symbol of Malaysia, known far beyond its borders. On 88 floors are offices, art galleries, entertainment and restaurants.
  5. The oceanarium is located near the twin towers in the capital of Malaysia. Here, in the heart of the city, you can see marine life, and if you want - even dive into a special pool and chat with crabs.
  6. Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur will fully experience the taste of Malaysian and Chinese national cuisine, because this area is a concentration of street food trade.
  7. The mountain on the island of Penang in Malaysia refers to natural attractions. It has a wonderful observation deck and a railway for ascent. The trip here will bring aesthetic pleasure to lovers of nature, because on the slopes of the mountain there are more than 100 species of rare birds.
  8. Kek Lok Si or the Temple of Supreme Bliss is a complex of temple buildings on several heights of Mount Penang. He is rightfully considered the most beautiful in Asia.
  9. The Langkawi Craft Complex (Malaysia) refers to museum sights. This is both a museum and a shop where you can buy souvenirs, and an art gallery, and a tailoring workshop.
  10. The sky bridge , suspended on 8 cables to a single support, connects two peaks of the mountain on the island of Langkawi .
  11. The cable car to Langkawi is one of the longest in the world. Her dyne is about 1 km.
  12. Telaga Tudzhuh is the famous waterfall of Langkawi Island. It consists of seven jets and in parallel carries the names "Seven streams", "Seven thresholds", "Seven wells".
  13. Kayan-Mentarang - refers to the sights of the island of Borneo in Malaysia. This national park is populated with amazing animals, which can be communicated in their natural habitat.
  14. Park Bako is the main natural landmark of Kuching in Malaysia. There are waiting for you numerous animals that live in the local jungle. All fauna representatives are safe for humans.
  15. The forest of Rafflesia on the island of Borneo will immerse you in the amazing world of these plants of incredible beauty.